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#146494 Key Dreams, Sun. 16 Aug. 2015, Flounder, Puppy Drum, Spadefish

Posted by barnical bill on 17 August 2015 - 09:01 AM

We had a group of friends get together and go out fishing with us Today for some Flounder and Drum fishing.  We had a beautiful day with little to no wind and not too hot.  We ended up catching 12 Flounder with 9 of them Keeper size up to 22 inches.  We hit 2 Red Drum Today 30”, 31” inches, all the Reds today where “Betweener Red Drum” Between keeper size and Trophy Citation size.  We ended up messing around with some Spadefish today and put 6 in the box with one bluefish for a little variety.  We also caught the normal other stuff like Croakers, Seabass, Oyster Toads and such.  Lots of Fun.

08-16-15 KeyDreams 4234.JPG

08-16-15 KeyDreams 4243.JPG

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#145534 Key Dreams, Tue. 21 Oct 2013, Flounder, Red Drum,

Posted by barnical bill on 23 October 2014 - 10:53 AM

My 1st mate and I went out today quick trip since it was so nice and we had a chance to fish for ourselves for a change.  My mate wanted to catch some Big Red Drum and she got one at 42 inches.  We also caught some fresh Flounder for dinner.  Lots of fun.

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#145474 Key Dreams, Wed. 8 Oct 2014, Flounder, Red Drum Citation, Puppy Drum

Posted by barnical bill on 12 October 2014 - 11:24 AM

We had a fathers get his son and nephew out for some fishing.  Today the Puppy Drum too big to keep and our biggest Red Drum measured in at 47 inches which was big enough for a Virginia Big Fish Citation Trophy.  We also caught some Flounder, Grey Trout, Bluefish, Seabass Oyster toads and such.  The Big Red was released and swam off strong to fight another day. Maybe you can land a Big Red Drum, give us a call.  Lots of fun.

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#145129 Key Dreams, Wed. 6 Aug. 2014, Big Flounder with their Limit

Posted by barnical bill on 06 August 2014 - 06:23 PM

We had a husband treat his wife to a fishing date as one of their events for their 28th anniversary.  He couldn’t have picked a more beautiful day with light winds and clear skies. His wife never caught a Flounder before but she made up for lost time today. We caught some really nice Flounder with the largest a Fat 24.5 inches weighing in at just over 6 pounds. All toll we caught 28 nice flounder and 14 that where big enough to keep.  We also caught the normal variety of the other stuff like Oyster toads, small Sea bass, and such.  

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#140398 Key Dreams, Mon 12 Nov. 2012, Big Striper are here! Almost Citation

Posted by barnical bill on 13 November 2012 - 12:00 PM

We had another beautiful forecast for Monday so we had to get out there. The results where even better today. With a little less boat traffic the bight was faster and we caught multiple fish in several areas today instead of just one fish here and there like the last couple of days. We caught 29 Striper today ranging from 20 inches up to 44 inches. The Monster Striper are starting to show in the Lower Chesapeake Bay. This is our first Striper over the 40 inch range so far this Fall Season, Game On!! He weighed in at 38.5 pounds, just a little shy of Citation.
11-12-12 KeyDreams 005.jpg 11-12-12 KeyDreams 006.jpg

#140171 Key Dreams, Oct. 2012, Summary for October

Posted by barnical bill on 25 October 2012 - 09:21 PM

The Big Red Drum seemed to be everywhere again this year, we caught this one and a couple of Sharks while live baiting around the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. Spotter Planes have seen schools of these Big Red Drum that are miles wide and miles long this summer. Unfortunately they are eating everything in their path and they are too big to keep with the slot limit. These Big Red Drum can live up to and over 50 years of age.

The day before Striper season opened we ran out to catch some more live baits and see how the Striper were bighting and it didn’t take long to catch a 12 pounder. It seemed to turn out on follow up trips that the Striper bight was much tougher this October then in the past. Instead of having that fast action with the 5-10 pounders and the occasional bigger fish, it has been only a few larger fish and its been harder to get the bight this October. November is looking promising with the larger schools from the North East States moving south with the cooling water temps and the menhaden. Hopefully Hurricane Sandy stays further out to sea and doesn’t mess us up too bad.

Grey Trout seem to be making a come back, showing in much better numbers then the last several years, even had several multiple hookups with the Grey Trout, but most where just undersized. These Grey Trout should be nice keepers next year.

Puppy Drum (Little Red Drum) and Speckled Trout have been the best action on light tackle this October and we have been catching them pretty steady inside Little Creek Inlet with grub tail jigs. The Puppy Drum seem to be out of control this year with them being stacked up everywhere. We have been catching them deep, shallow, in the Inlets, at the boat slip and even out along the bridge with live baits. I caught a Puppy Drum the other night that hit a Croaker while live baiting on the CBBT for Striper and I had a hard time getting the hook out of his mouth because the lips of this 17" Red Drum where so stretched out around the croaker. I pulled the croaker out of his mouth with a pair of pliers and three (3) Gulp lures of different shapes and colors about 4" size also fell out of his mouth, this amazed me and I wish I took a picture. Today I was over Cove Marina on Little Creek Base and heard of a Keeper puppy drum that one of the guys was cleaning also had three (3) Gulp lures in his stomach. I suspect they are sucking up the spent gulp lures off the bottom and eating them like food. I would also suspect they would have a hard time digesting them. I saw pics from a Striper Tournament up in Maryland where all the pictures where puppy drum and one 24" Striper for a Striper Tournament.

Tog fishing seemed to be the best bet for putting meat in the box this October. Most of the Togs we have been getting have ranged from 17-21". You do tend to catch a large variety of other fish or bait stealers while togging this time of year like the little Black Sea Bass, Oyster Toads, Pin Fish, and so on, until the water cools down more and you have less of those little bait thieves. On our last trip we got our limit in Togs but also had a surprise when my mate hooked up a Big Black Drum of 47" for a release citation. Big Black Drum are bull dogs to catch but not the best table fare and are best released after a picture.

10-01-12 KeyDreams 094.jpg 10-01-12 KeyDreams 096.jpg 10-23-12 KeyDreams 002.jpg 10-23-12 KeyDreams 008.jpg 10-23-12 KeyDreams 024.jpg

#138010 Key Dreams, Thu. 26 Jul. 2012, Flounder, Nice Limit up to 5 pounds

Posted by barnical bill on 26 July 2012 - 03:20 PM

We had a Dad that was aloud to take the kids out fishing on his 26th Wedding Anniversary. His wife is real trooper. I am sure she will be compensated. It was a beautiful morning but a bit breezy again out of the SW but the waves weren’t too bad and it laid down later in the morning. We got their limit of nice Flounder up to 5 pounds and back to the dock by 1pm before it got too hot. We ended up with 18 Keepers this morning. We still hit a number of throwbacks today, but the keeper ratio was improved. Lots of Fun
07-26-12 KeyDreams 003.jpg 07-26-12 KeyDreams 007.jpg 07-26-12 KeyDreams 008.jpg 07-26-12 KeyDreams 010.jpg

#136719 Key Dreams, Sat. 9 Jun. 2012, Big Striper, Flounder and Bluefish

Posted by barnical bill on 12 June 2012 - 10:39 AM

This morning we got a Father and Son out for some Striper and Flounder fishing. It was the Sons birthday wish to go fishing with his dad and catch a Big Striper. The Striper bight has been hit or miss during the day trips, but the young mans wish came true with him hooking up first and landing a nice 32.5 inch Striper. Dad followed up with a 33" Striper giving us two Trophy Striper in the box. We had a couple more hit but no more hookups on the Striper so we switched up to Flounder. We got a couple real nice Flounder and a Bluefish to finish up the morning. We all had a fun time and the young man got his fishing with Dad wish with a Big Spring Striper.

06-09-12 KeyDreams 122.jpg 06-09-12 KeyDreams 117.jpg 06-09-12 KeyDreams 119.jpg 06-09-12 KeyDreams 121.jpg

#129682 Key Dreams, Wed. 13 July 2011

Posted by barnical bill on 14 July 2011 - 07:35 PM

True trophy there. I'm curious - why was it a surprise? Only thing I can think of is you caught it using live fish rather than one of the crusty critters...

You got it. Last week we caught a 9 lb 5 oz Sheeps Head on a minnow. My mate and I where thinking there must have been a small crab hanging on the bait and the Sheeps Head grabed it. This might have been the same basic thing but a small spot and maby a bigger crab, but if you look at the size of his mouth I could easily stick my hand in it so a full sized jimmy wouldn't stand a chance against this guy. Suprise!

#129662 Key Dreams, Wed. 13 July 2011

Posted by barnical bill on 14 July 2011 - 11:45 AM

Had a Friend down from NY who loves to fish. We ran out early for a quick trip to get a little fishing in before his other plans for the day. We did some live baiting and caught another surprise Sheeps Head. This Sheeps Head was huge so we ran in and got he weighed in at Little Creek Marina. The Sheeps Head weighed in at 14 lbs 9 oz. which should be the new leader for 2011.

07-13-11 KeyDreams 040 reduced.JPG 07-13-11 KeyDreams 041 reduced.JPG 07-13-11 KeyDreams 042 reduced.JPG 07-13-11 KeyDreams 043 reduced.JPG

#124950 KeyDreams, Monday 29 Nov. 2010

Posted by barnical bill on 01 December 2010 - 12:20 AM

Monday we ran to the highrise for some eeling. The bight wasn't necessarily fast but good, we had one double hook up and landed both the rest came one at a time. We hooked up 16 biguns, landed 11, the Biguns ranged from 35 to 40 pounds, broke off 5 under the bridge. It was good to feel those heavy weights again. In the middle of the afternoon the gulls and gannets got busy ocean side of the highrise so we went to investigate. Drug eels and casted with only chewed up eels from dogfish. There was plenty of bait comming over the shoal with the beginning of the incomming tide. Word on the radio was for a week or so the birds have been getting busy there with no striper bight for those that have been trying. I've done well there before both trolling and drifting eels, but not today, so we went back to the bridge to fight some more of those Big Striper.

11-29-10 KeyDreams 029 reduced.JPG

11-29-10 KeyDreams 031 reduced.JPG

11-29-10 KeyDreams 033 reduced.JPG

#124338 KeyDreams, Friday Nov. 2010

Posted by barnical bill on 09 November 2010 - 10:16 AM

The wind just doesn't seem to want to quit. We saw a window Friday evening 5 Nov. so we ran out for a few hours. We live baited around the CBBT and managed 9 nice striper. Two of them where 26-27 and one was just over 34 inches the rest where in the slot between 28 and 34 inches. the Striper where strong with big shoulders and sea ticks. The bight wasn't fast but the striper are here.

This constant northerly blow is annoying, but should bring us an early troll bight. The water temp is dropping nicely, the seagulls are taking over the area around Little Creek Inlet and there has been sighting of birds working bait and striper's out in the open just off Buckroe. The wind looks like it will blow for the rest of this week, but the forecast for next week so far is looking sweet. I still have opening for next week so if you want to go just get a crew together, give me a call and book a trip on KeyDreams.

Catch Ya Later,


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