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  1. cat fish question

    I have caught them there but nothing big. Plenty of fish in there too have fun though. I have fished the Great Bridge Locks this past month and caught lots of cats but nothing bigger than 2 pounds. Lots of small croaker chewing on your baits there. Good luck if you go.
  2. Nice work Bill! I'm with you on the wind thing too !
  3. I would say the water is still too cold out there unless you want to c&r some stripers. Wait until it warms up more and they should be there.
  4. Fished from 1pm until dark and caught a few schoolies by the jordon then headed down to the ditch to try for trout. Trolled briefly and nothing so we tried cut mullet and had a few crabs pickin at our bait and we noticed a guy doing real well on live minnows so I had my nephew ( thanks corey ! ) bring me 2 doz. large minnows down to the yacht club and went back and started picking away at a few specks and pups then the bite slowed right before dark and we switched back to mullet and started catching again. Ended up with 8 between 16-22" and over a doz under that , 7 pups 14-17". Whoops yesterday 12/1
  5. Wow awesome catch ! Who needs a stinkin ol striper when your catching trout like that. I use alot of mullet myself when fishing for trout in that area. Thanks for the report.
  6. I have avoided the ditch and the crowds and striper fished the river the last couple weeks but its hit and miss but the fish are there. Most of the stripers I caught were by the jordon bridge and the rr tressle. I troll around them with 6" storms and try to get the baits deep on the drop offs where you mark fish. Best colors for me were chartreuse and firetiger.Tues. & Weds. of this week I caught several pups in the low 20's on the same lures trolling off some old pilons in the area and also picked up stripers there too. Biggest pup was 24" and biggest striper was 25". If you choose to use bait they both had crabs in there stomachs. Also I caught fish on the incoming , out going and slack tide but moving water is always the better bite. Good luck
  7. Rudee , lynnhaven or where I spend my fall/winter the Elizabeth River plenty of fish ( specks , stripers & pups ). I usually put in at the jordon and fish from there to past the highrise. Stripers you can troll or cast 4-6" storms , Specks troll or cast grubs , or cast mirror lures but I also like to catch fresh mullet and use them cut up on a fishfinder rig.Pups I usually use fresh mullet or blue crab. There is also a good white perch bite going on if you have anyone younger ones that like to fish with you , just pick a bridge and drop some shrimp down on a bottom rig. Good luck
  8. Thanks for the report and it looks like he's got it down too ! Them specks are scattered all over the place.
  9. Fished from 10 - 5 today and caught 3 specks trolling 4" electric chicken > 16,19 & 21" , 3 stripers on a 6" chartereuse storm 16 , 20 & 22" and stopped at the gilmerton because a friend said white perch were biting and everything else slowed down so I used a bottom rig with shrimp and caught around 20 white perch in about an hour. When I got to the jordon around 9:15am the docks were under water because of the full moon , low and high in the area. Water started rolling when the tide went out. Water temp was 62 up river and around 75 towards the ditch.
  10. When I used to help my dad commercial fish for them we always used live croaker or spot over the tubes or around a pilons. We caught them all summer out there and that was day time. We did save alot of his tags for the bigger winter fish though but the cbbt holds stripers all year. Good luck
  11. Boaters World on Virginia beach Blvd. had a few for 15.99 after the discount , reg. price said 19.99. I bought one of the 3" shrimp new penny.
  12. Very cool ! Way to put the young one on some great pulling fish !
  13. Hey thanks for the info. I tried about 15-20' then I tried the channel. I guess with the water this cold still when you find them you just have to stay on top of them like you said and there's nothing wrong with sitting on a pier man ! Good luck.