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  1. On a perfect weather and sea condition Saturday on the deep drop wrecks of the Atlantic 14 eager anglers joined us for a Black Sea Bass extravaganza. Unfortunately, they had to deal with several choruses of "Who Let The DAWGS Out"!!!! We worked 3 wrecks today and fought through an army of DAWGS, undersized Black Sea Bass, Conger Eels, and managed to boat 184 keeper Black Sea Bass, 4 Chopper Bluefish up to 35 inches, and the aforementioned UNWANTEDS! No go tomorrow - front coming through. Water is still very cold.
  2. Jil Carrie Sea Bass Report

    Megabite - They were about 20 miles SE of Cape Henry in about 60 foot Ocean depth. It's the first time I've ever caught them. Capt. Steve Wray taught me that "you'll know it when you see them" and he was absolutely right! The whales chowing on them was especially wonderful. It was quite a treat. I very much hope to encounter them again. I have the right rigs on the boat now as this day we were using my Rock and Trout jigs and were not rigged up with Mack rigs.
  3. Today, we welcomed The Fredericksburg, VA Fishing and Hops Advocates Club led by Club President "Ace" Laserna. Their meetings are held at The Hard Times Cafe in Fredericksburg, VA. The weather and sea conditions today started out good, deteriorated, and then the sea and wind conditions went slick calm ("pronounced "slick cam") again in the afternoon just ahead of a wicked front coming in from the south. Due to this front coming through, we will not be able to go out tomorrow (Thursday, March 17th). The predicted high winds and heavy seas in the Atlantic Ocean have, unfortunately, cancelled our trip for Thursday. But it was nice to get out again today with six intrepid anglers who were eager to try Long Range Atlantic Ocean Deep Drop Wreck Fishing for the first time. Normally, I don't recommend this kind of trip for "newbies" but today turned out absolutely fantastic! "Ralph", "Earl", and "The Car Salesman" were out in full force during the choppy period, including a quite impressive arched power thrust hurl that is definitely our 2005 Spew of the Year so far. The 1st two wrecks we stopped on were deep drop wrecks and after the crew got the hang of it, they did very well catching 98 huge Black Sea Bass, releasing 2 hideously ugly Conger Eels, countless DAWG Sharks, released 2 "Carpet" Sharks (if that's what they really are), and quite a few undersized Black Sea Bass. The crew caught two VA weight Citations (a 5 pound 4 ouncer and one 5 pound 11 ouncer) and had several "near misses" that were just shy of 5 pounds. The 5 pound 11 ouncer is headed for a wall mount for Ace and his brother! The water out there near the edge of the canyons is so blue and clear, it's quite a beauty! the Ocean Porpoise (or are they Dolphin?) play in the wake of the boat and swim up as if to see who is visiting their uncharted and undisturbed domain. The crew wanted to see what TOG fishing was like, so I pulled off of the deep drop wrecks with an excellent catch already and headed back ashore to try two of my favorite TOG wrecks with no success. All that we caught at these inshore wrecks were DAWG Sharks (released). Unfortunately, the only TOG that the crew got to see today was the beautiful TOG mount of Dr. Julie Ball's 22 pound 9 oz. BEAST that proudly hangs in the Long Bay Pointe Bait & Tackle Shop. The water temp. on the inshore wrecks is a frigid 41 degrees, so we need some warming before the TOGGIES get hungry. But the big news is that on the way in, we spotted a school of Atlantic Mackeral, jigged on them, caught a few and also some Ocean Herring! This is the first time I have ever encountered these fish personally, as I have heard many stories of them. Just another example of the wonders of the Atlantic Ocean.
  4. Oh man, what a day - we are really on a roll now! I was back and forth with the party on whether we were going to try it or not today as the howling NE winds were pretty knarly. But, we decided to "pull the trigger" and, yowzah, yowzah, I'm so glad we did!!! We paid for our bold decision as "Ralph", "Earl", and the "Buick Salesman" were out in full force in the heavy Atlantic Ocean seas in the morning. But the afternoon conditions changed dramatically, and it was a completely different day out there. It was as if Moses had waved his arms when the Atlantic Ocean the seas went slick calm (pronounced "slick cam"). Today, we did another long range deep drop Atlantic Ocean Black Sea Bass wreck fishing extravaganza for 7 intrepid Virginia anglers. It was supposed to be 8 guys who had signed up to go, but one guy decided not to go because he thought "we wouldn't catch anything". Man, I would have hated being that dude Friday morning with the realization he had just made a HUGE mistake when his buds called him and told him of their great fortunes. Oh yeah, I'm sure these fellas didn't rub it in a bit....NOT! These 7 anglers stood in there and fished HARD like nobody's business and turbo whacked an astounding 162 keeper Black Sea Bass, 4 VA Release Citations were released, 5 Virginia Weight Citations of 5 pounds or better were weighed, countless Dawg Sharks were released, numerous undersized Black Sea Bass were released, a surprising 25 inch/6 pound Summer Flounder was released (out of season - DRAT!), several hideous Conger eeels released, and 6 Snapper Bluefish landed and stripped for bait. Whew, did I get them all? I'll tell you that these 7 fellas fished some of the toughest conditions I've seen out there after a pounding ride out to the wreck. Even after calling for "Ralph" these comitted anglers continued to fish as hard as they possibly could. They are all members of the Virginia Beach Anglers Club , The Portsmouth Anglers Club, and The Peninsula Saltwater Fishing Association. Man, what a ride!
  5. Monday was THE DAY for us. It was one of those days where everything just worked out perfect (well, except for the ride home, but that was a different story). It was the best day of fishing for huge, VA Citation Sea Bass I have ever witnessed, bar none. We worked 3 Atlantic Ocean offshore wrecks and 2 out of 3 produced big time. We caught our limit of 200 enormous Black Sea Bass including an amazing 7 weight citations (8 anglers aboard), 1 Blueline Tilefish, 8 Snapper Bluefish, released several VA Release Citations, released 2 Bazillion DAWG Sharks, and released 1 Bazillion hideously grotesque Conger Eels. "Ralph" and "Earl" made their appearance on the ride home thanks to a stiff 25 - 30 knot breeze and some building whitecapped swells. We will not be able to go tomorrow (Tuesday, 3/8/05) due to high winds and seas and Wednesday looks bleak, as well.
  6. Today started out as a beautiful late Winter/early Spring day and deteriorated into a 25 - 30 knot NE "washing machine" on the way back to the wharf! We had 5 customers aboard today- 3 new customers plus 2 of our regulars - the "Boland Clan" form Middle Virginia and Home Depoot Fame. We Atlantic Ocean deep sea wreck fished today and had an good day of catching and keeping 104 Black Sea Bass, numerous Dog Sharks (all released), and we also released a few undersized Sea Bass, and released 2 VA Release Citations (24.25" and 24.5") and a whole lot of big, ugly Conger Eels. 3 of the anglers aboard received VA weight Citations, the largest of which was 6 pounds and 2 anglers received VA Release Citations. We will not fish tomorrow (Sunday) but will wait for the seas to settle for our Monday trip.
  7. What started out as a bumpy, breezy morning quickly mellowed into a picture perfect late Winter/early Spring day and afternoon. It was nice to have a day in the 50's for air temperatures and light breezes to let us know Spring will soon be here! We deep sea wreck fished today and had an excellent day of catching and keeping our limit of 125 Black Sea Bass (5 anglers aboard), 7 Snapper Bluefish, numerous Dog Sharks (all released), and we also released a few undersized Sea Bass and some big, ugly Conger Eels. All anglers aboard received multiple VA weight Citations, the largest of which was an all time Jil Carrie high weight for Black Sea Bass - a whopping 6 pounds 11 ounces. It couldn't have happened to a more deserving angler - Mr. Charles Randolph who is a volunteer for the VA Citation Program Board, volunteer serving on the VACCA Board, and an avid angler member of the Peninsula Saltwater Fishing Association. Mr. Randolph also had a VA release Citiation of 22 inches. 2nd place honors went to a 6 pound specimen caught by TF Virginia Board regular Craige Stallings.
  8. Today, we welcomed 13 members of the Virginia Beach Anglers Club (VBAC) aboard for a deep sea wreck fishing trip. Our first introduction occured last year when this club invited me to speak on fishing techniques at one of their meetings last winter (2003/2004) at the local fire hall. I can tell you that this is one great fishing club that is seriously dedicated to fishing and a premiere club to join if you are fishing in the area! The VBAC collectively fought through cold weather and a long ride to the wrecks early in the morning. Through the dedication and determination of their anglers , they all earned multiple VA Citations for Black Sea Bass. They worked their butts off through countless Dog Sharks, undersized Black Sea Bass, and Conger Eels still winding their butts off to land 70 keeper Black Sea Bass and 1 Blue Line Tilefish. They stood out on the freezing "Jil Carrie" deck despite frigid conditions and fished as hard as posible. We actually worked 7 different wrecks to run from "THE DAWGS"! They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, I agree. Click Jill Carrie banner for all pictures...
  9. Today was 9 intrepid anglers from The Great Bridge, VA Fisherman's Association. Today's private charter was organized by Mr. Stu Baldwin. Same old story. Cold, rough Atlantic Ocean sea water. Rain. Lots of Conger Eels. Wind. Lots of Dog Sharks. Lots of undersized Black Sea Bass (all released). We ran all over the place from wreck to wreck and the party was really fishing HARD AND TOUGH. They stood out there through all of that and struggled to catch 73 keeper Black Sea Bass. High man was 13 keepers. Some really tough fishing right now! However, the reward of big fat Black Sea Bass somehow makes it all worthwhile! C'mon warmer weather!!!! PICTURES PUCTURES ----- > HERE
  10. Jil Carrie Sea Bass Report

    "It was so hot I was sweatin' like a Gerbil in a San Francisco Pet Store"...
  11. WANTED!

    Capt. Steve needs to be awake before he will notice the changes! He should be wishing for a cure for the "Scooby Disease".
  12. Jil Carrie Sea Bass Report

    Oh man, Cool Breeze, you have me ROTFLMAO. "Skunk", oh man... "The Professor" - Capt. Steve Wray hard at work lecturing the Great Bridge Fisherman's Association pupils in Black Sea Bass Catching 101 - 2/27/05. "OOOOOHHH Capt. Jim, I can't work any more back to back shifts...I've got Scooby Disease"...
  13. First of all, I would like to say that this catch is one heck of a fish by any measure. It would be an excellent marketing event for our charter fishing business, for sure. I have been told that 3 VSWFT rules for VA State records were broken on this catch, not just one. Although I have no way of verifying this, the angler in question has already admitted to breaking one of the rules in public and has admitted to breaking 2 more in private. If the Captain does eventually take this matter to a court of law, the discovery and testimony will shed light on all 3 violations. Everybody breaks rules, and/or they lie about it. Some get caught, some don't. The point is that the VSWFT has set these rules to promote recreational fishing. It would be easy for one of us (we, as experienced commercial fisherman) to break a whole lot of recreational records by "breaking a few rules". In fact, the world record for Rockfish (with no gear our license restrictions) is 125 pounds which was caught by a Commercial Fisherman in 1896. I agree with those who here who have suggested here that the VSWFT remain exclusively for recreational anglers. We, as Commercial WATERMEN, have always known that this was the case and should abide by the rules. That's my .02 on this matter. Capt. Jim Brincefield www.captjim.com
  14. Hey, I did my part. Spankin' new 2005 Ford 350 Turbo Diesel duelly. I should have gotten the XLT package, though, it wasn't worth the savings with the standard XL package. I was also disappointed that they dropped the Ocean Blue color. The blue they offer now is too dark. Maybe that sales contest we were talking about might perk things up? By the way, I was very happy with my first purchase from Beach Ford, a few minor snags, but all is well.
  15. Jil Carrie Sea Bass Report

    Cool Breeze - he's not even telling half of the story. Ask him about his frustration of about 12 DAWG Sharks and Conger Eels in a row (not to mention "Ralph")! When he finally started catching big Black Sea Bass, that was PRICELESS! I wish I had been taping with sound and video! C'mon Dr., out with the WHOLE story.