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  1. MEET AND GREET!!! And LSU -vs- Alabama POLL

    Don I can probably talk on either subject as I spend a lot of time in the river and eeling the bridge
  2. thanks for the rips out craig was another awsome year
  3. like tom said always use fresh right now crabs are cheap 8-12 dollars a dozen
  4. outboard work needed

    Check with max king over at marina shores
  5. You can try bunker and mullet but your probably going to see a lot of sharks
  6. if you want to catch fish stay away from the fleet find your own spot on a drop off
  7. Finally got a boat, now what?

    Keep an I on the reports that are posted when you see something that peaks your interest get in contact with those people. Right now is when everything starts to kick off big drum is heating up good of course croakers are around flounder and blues within a month you'll start to see spades and cobia. Any questions you got I'd be happy to help you out .
  8. Crabbing

    they are out the mud now getting ready to shed
  9. Saw the Currituck headed South down the Inter-coastal last night so she on her way hopefully after it gets done the inlet wont have any shoaling for awhile
  10. 109 Catfish

    Sweet catch for too long your going to see one go over 150 pounds just think few years ago the record was 75 lbs. Once those fish get 10 years old they put on tons of weight every year. Congratulations to the angler
  11. http://www.thebassbarn.com/forum/showthread.php?p=2548038&posted=1#post2548038
  12. Salty Lady hits another mark!

    Happy b day
  13. Still hurting today but thanks for the trip jeff checking that one off the list till I get some heavier tackle