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  1. fished off the ramada today and the bite was on at the 3 mile line caught 3 nice ones in a few hours between 11-2pm, hit the stretch 30, white tandom parachutes, and one on the deep rod
  2. anyone going tommorow does not look too bad?
  3. yea mike we were at the fingers seemed no one was around water was nice....... we caught a few mahi also thats cool u caught a few five miles past the tower
  4. we caught a few today at the 21 finger
  5. went out today and caught a mixed bag of seabass, trigger, spadefish ,spanish, and cod can't find any regs on the cod anyone can help let me know .....fished a wreck about 10miles east of clt
  6. thanks for the replies don't worry about the boat size i take it to clt and beyond all the time....just haven't done any good on rod and reel yet i have speared some but enjoy the rod and reel action better
  7. looking for suggestions on where to catch some spades on hook and line i have caught many in the past at the tower but don't think thats happening this year, trying to hook up a friend who has never caught one
  8. was out there today just got back........... they are there but deep and nothing was hitting rod and reel u need to spear them.......... we did manage to catch some seabass though
  9. yea been fishing there all this week they are there just have to weed out the small ones, saw a few guys using gulp that were doing pretty good also
  10. was using minnows on a plain hook, no foo foo just hook and minnow
  11. fished the lynn river a few hours from my skiff outgoing tide managed 2 22in keepers and a couple of smaller ones
  12. Sting Operation

    gotta agree don't see the difference as long as you just keep your limit....
  13. good job at least u caught something we went togging sat at the tunnel no luck.........