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  1. Heading out of Rudy @ 05:00, not realy sure where I am heading maybe start at the Hot Dog. Any intel would be nice since I have not been offshore in a long time!!
  2. Thanks for having me aboard Dave, Pat and Don. I had blast fishing with you all. Nice meeting you guys (Phil, Greg and John) That was one long ride back to the house! Man it is nice to have some fresh TUNAAAA! When are we going again, I am ready! Todd
  3. Next MNG???

    Jimbob, I have been busy with work, and the dreaded honey dooo's. I am done with that crap, and ready to fish. hope to see at you at the next MNG!
  4. Next MNG???

    Hey guys, When is the next MNG?
  5. I have no idea what you are talking about. I'll give you a call Sat.
  6. Todd I'll give you a call. We are going to try to fish both days, this is if we can make it out Sat AM. Todd
  7. I am planning on fishing Sat, Sun. We all need to get together Friday night and talk game plan. I'll pick up the bottle of Captains!!!
  8. Trust me, it will not happen again. I have a new policy: DO NOT DRINK ANYTHING THE NIGHT BEFORE!!!
  9. Weather was looking good for Sat so last minute scramble for a crew (me +1) no other takers. We headed out of Prince George county around 3:00pm on Friday, headed to HI ready to catch some fish! Ending up at the Marlin Motel around 9:00 pm. As were were checking in we ran across another crew that was also a few men short. We decided to combine forces and just use one boat there boat (25' Carolina Classic). We headed out around 6:00am from all of the talk we decided to head to the Diamond Shoals tower and push SE direction from there. Lines in at 7:30ish, and we trolled, trolled, and trolled. not one bite. It was around 11:30 we had our first hook up (Double) two yellows in the boat! then we rerigged and got all of the lines back in about 30 minutes later FISH ON!! tripple this time, two out of three this time. Working on getting the lines back in and another fish on,while we were fighting this one one of the other lines gets hammered two more in the boat. Get evrything straight and work the same area for awile and then again hooked up, three on boated two and lost one (pulled the hook). It was funny when all of the boats were ther working the area there was no bite, after the boats scattered the fish turned on. Not a bad day we ended up going 8 for 10 on the YF. At the dock there was another boat weighing a 104 lb Wahoo, man that was a beast!!! THIS IS A START TO A GREAT SEASON!!!! Todd
  10. I'll be ther for Saturday, leaving this afternoon. Should be there around 6:00pm tonight, launching out of Teaches The weather look great for Sat Don, Give me a call if you are going this weekend.
  11. Nice Tuna, where did you find them ?? I am ready to go!
  12. Feb Liar's Club Turnout!!

    Thank you guys for the drinks and food. I had a great time I just had to leave a little earlier than others, had the long drive home. Did Jeff get sloppy drunk, or just drunk?? It was nice meeting all the new faces and seeing some of the MNG veterans again. Todd
  13. February Meet and Greet

    I see y'all tonight. I got permision to go out and play!
  14. Bob, Don't forget ot sharpen your gaff!!! That way Otter will get it the first time. 6/0 work great for hauling in 96lb Big eyes, isn't that right jeff? I have been messing with my gear since last year, cleaning and recrimping. I am ready for the early bite in Hatteras. I have no excuses just need a crew. Don, I am going to need some more konga lines, I'll be in touch.