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  1. On my way to fish Sandbridge today I noticed a place on Sandbridge Rd. Called Belangas seafood that had drum bait.
  2. Hit Thimble Shoals aboard Finao Sportfishing today and almost had our limit of cobia today. Little windy at first but ended up being a perfect day. 5 fish biggest went 50lbs.
  3. Launched from Owls Creek and paddled around Rudee. Caught a couple of keeper Reds, a few trout, & a 16" striper - all on a Paul Brown lure. Saw a bunch of flounder over 20" boated also. Action is picking up.
  4. Sunday and Monday were good days of fishing at LIP. Only saw 1 caught yesterday but the wind had a lot to do with that.
  5. Been bouncing around between Willoughby Spit and Lynnhaven and nothings biting there either.
  6. I'm taking my son to little island pier tonight for a bit. I'll post results afterwards
  7. Fished Saturday right before Sandy hit VA Beach but only caught some spot before the rain started. Oh well, maybe next year...
  8. Rudee

    Bought him a kayak yesterday. Still some rigging up to do. Sounds like you had a good time fishing Rudee!
  9. Rudee

    Yeah I'm hooked on kayaking already. Went out this eve but my 11 yr old hopped in and paddled away. I guess he's next to get one.
  10. There also was a launch under the Jordan bridge not sure if it open with the construction of the new bridge. Not far from the ditch
  11. Rudee

    Only caught croaker on cut squid. Everything else was caught on 1/2 oz jighead with gulp. So I figure if I don't want to catch croaker don't bring squid lol . Threw topwater too but no takers.
  12. Fished from the yak at Rudee yesterday and caught good numbers of croaker, and trout. With a few baby flounder. Had good time and got comfortable in the kayak. Can't wait to get out there again this weekend.
  13. Jose Wejebe

    RIP Jose
  14. We found a spot by Lamberts Point heading to HRBT caught 2-4 lbs croakers. Gonna try and find again and mark waypoints. Looks very industrial around there and didn't really think fish would b round there. Hopefully, I can find area again..
  15. We fished there also and got in on some blues (1-4lbs). But lots of small croakers like Danny c said. We didn't get any @ HRBT. We saw birds working in between the spans and thats when we got some fish.