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  1. Need a used center console fish boat?

    If anyone is in the market for a used center console fish boat, I'd be glad to help you out. David Akridge 757-650-4509
  2. Great job Lou. I've been one time, and it was the most fun I've ever had fishing offshore. David
  3. Contender 31T with 350's Running 67 mph in Bay

    We're gonna give you a run this year Bob - if we don't beat you catching fish, at least we'll win the race back. David - VBC
  4. Small boat poll

    When I was growing up on the Gulf Coast (70's and early 80's), the top shelf boats were Sea Craft, Mako, Robalo, and alot of people liked Stamas - all were damn good boats. I still think Stamas makes a great cabin boat - I'd like to have that boat line up here one day. And then you had either Evinrude or Johnson for power - some people had Mercury.
  5. Small boat poll

    Only on this web site could you ask that and not get shot, hung, pistol whipped, attacked, or banned. That is a very dangerous subject to talk about on The Hull Truth or Tidal Fish. You know my vote. David - VBC
  6. Contender 31T with 350's Running 67 mph in Bay

    Which sea trials are you talking about? What's your name, and which boat did you ride on? David - VBC
  7. if you were to buy a boat question

    In a day fishing boat (does not include plus 38' sport-fishers), you should consider speed, fuel efficiency, fishability, smoothness of ride, dryness of ride, quality, primary use, price, and how it looks (is it ugly?). In my opinion (opinion only, not to be taken as fact): Among the top shelf family fishing boats, I like - Pursuit, Grady, Contender FA/Express (Contender not quite as family friendly though - less options) Among the top shelf hard core fishing boats, I like: Contender, Venture, Yellowfin, SeeVee, Jupiter, Fountain, Invincible, Regulator, Sea Hunter, and Bahama. Best overall fishing boat for the money, if you don't wanna spend a fortune, I like - Parker and Cape Horn. Each of these brands is better in certain areas than other brands (without starting a war, I will refrain from public comment here). If you need some more advice, call 650-4509. Hope this helps David - VBC
  8. Contender 31T with 350's Running 67 mph in Bay

    Whatever you're driving, I've got $1,000.00 that says I'll beat you home in any sea state - comfortably in my 33T. In the 37T (39' with triple 350's), I'll get back an hour before you. David - VBC
  9. Contender 31T with 350's Running 67 mph in Bay

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNXLRcCzt_4 Do not watch in HQ - will not work if you try it. David - VBC
  10. ASA Tournament 13 December

    Bob: I don't know if I've met you before, but thank you for the post! We had enough negative PR last week to last a year I think. Good luck to you and your team during the upcoming tournaments. Let me know if I can hook you up with a boat slip during the tournaments. David - VBC
  11. ASA Tournament 13 December

    Thanks for your friendship and support Bill - means alot to Max and me! David - VBC
  12. Thank you for supporting VBSF.net David!