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  1. Hey everyone i'm looking to go fishing next weekend haven't been able to go out any this year my truck has been in the shop since april an i need to go fishing be it flounder or whatever if anyone can spare a a seat onboard i'd be more than thankful i'll help with fuel or bait if i need to provide tackle let me know. i was only able to get out once with no luck. I'm located in newport news/ Fort eustis
  2. i agree billyboy my best bites have been mostly in the morning on an incoming tide. IMHO i believe an incoming tide has the better bite overall, in this area, there have been times that i have waited for the evening incoming tide an come home with a better cooler
  3. Well i went out 6/29 with the intention of jigging cape henry wreck for flounder got to oceans east and was advised otherwise that the bite on the first an second islands were hot all this week 2 papers one 10 an one 12lbs that they showed me. i launched the boat around 8 so with what knowledge i was given on a spot to try i headed out the "live bait" boat was anchored in the basin at lynnhaven i thought about getting some spot but didn't have any cash on me so i motored on out the inlet an went straight to the second island the tide was low but current was still outgoing an pretty strong. I first tried jigging pilings well that didn't work lost my jig an didnt wana lose what little i had left so i changed up an to a fluke rig 6 ounces barely held bottom with the current so a single 8 oz is all i had well it worked but drifting way too fast. after hooking a toad which i ended up breaking the hook i drifted with some fishbites squid on a croaker rig while i tied another hook on caught a kingfish so i decided to cut him up for strip bait i watched other boats mand how they were positioning jus inside the pilings so i mimicked them bumping my boat in an out of gear 2 toads later i hooked up on a head shaker first flounder on the cbbt 18 inches i was happy i tried for a bout an hour as the current slowed down one of the other boats was leaving and gave me about a dozen live spot an told me to try the beach side of the first island after the tide changed so i continued to work the area where i caught the the flounder an picked up 2 specks jus before the tide changed went to the 1st island an tried doing the same thing for about an hour with no luck. i retreated to the inlet as thats my favorite place to fish on the incoming tide fist drift down the channel picked up 2 fish one 16 3/8 what a bummer rebaited an continued the drift not more than 100ft from the first wham a nice 20in into the boat by this time the tide was in an the current was only moving .6 mph slowed down real quick tried a few more drifts with no luck running out of bait i tried bump trolling next to the oysterbar had one hit but was short of the hook. last an final atempt before heading in i went up to the pilot boats an drifted in towards the fueling stations no luck drifting did manage a sea robin while drifting over a school of fry, so one last idea i i picked up my bucktail an started working the piers an docks, like i was bass fishing working a worm, right at the fueling station i picked up a 12er on one side an second cast netted another 14 at this time i was down to 2 minnows which were on my bucktail jig i cast right up onto a piling an 3 hops back in WHAM an it took off past the boat i saw a flash as it dashed an i thought might be another speck got him back to the boat a Flounder 17inches with no bait left i went back to the ramp at 630 to fight the traffic home. I've been trying at the islands for about 2-3 months an finally caught a flounder now i jus need to work on the technique
  4. Marks boat is out for mechanical issues I'm still lookin for a spot if anyone has room jason 443 235 3161
  5. If anyone can spare a seat or needs another angler i would like to get in on the action i'll help with what expenses i need to
  6. So im curious as to why everyone targets the 3rd an 4th islands on the cbbt what makes these so much more productive than the second or first an im referencing from Virginia beach to fisherman's island as to be the order. I understand that alot of flounder have been caught from these islands but whats to say flounder aren't on the 1st an 2nd i have a smaller boat an have to pick the days i travel out to the islands some may think im crazy with my intentions but that is not what im trying to convey. What does the farther islands provide that the closer islands do not to support flounder. is it the depth the type of bottom, structure, o2 level, clarity? Im wondering if it is possible to pull flounder from the 1st an 2nd islands fyi i own a 19ft 1987 procraft bass boat, i have been 8 miles offshore, 2nd bridge tunnel, an cape henry wreck, i know the limits of my craft an what she can handle i also have an understanding of the weather an the effect it has on the water's behavior with this i pick my days to do these kinds of things, granted i would love to go where ever when ever but that take a vessel that i cannot afford so therefore i will continue to push the envelope.
  7. i would have never guessed they'd be that far back would love to tag along on one of yalls trips an learn a thing or two
  8. i was using cut menhaden on a single drop rig with a plain hook, a white skirt, a chartreuse skit, an a home made green an yellow spinnerbait skirt to catch my srtipers also used the same rigs for flounder, but using gulp 4" swimming mullet w/ a bull minnow, an also 5" strips of croaker fillet 1/2"-3/4" wide. yes it was a good day on the water even though i couldn't get any flounder to keep the striper def made up for it
  9. launched the boat at 9:00 am at huntington beach park an headed out to the james river bridge an setup for the last of the incoming tide right off the bat i nailed a 22" striper had 3 more hits before the tide changed could have kept one but it had lesions on it an left it go, moved to the other side for the change caught 1 right at the change short an no other bites for bout 30 min so i moved further down the line fished bout mid way between the 2 highrises an ended up with 3 more hits had one really nice one on the line but broke the hook off ... so i sat an waited for another hour an whammo 5 min later pulled in a nice 5lb. striper picked up a few croaker for bait also then headed down to the hampton flatts make a couple drits but only managed 8 throwbacks then saw a mess of seagulls diving at baitfish so went to investigate threw a silver spoon in an pulled in a blue fooled around with them for about 30 min then headed back to the ramp to end the day. still lookin for some flatties
  10. thanks guys thats a lot of help im so used to fishing a chincoteague island an fish move in there late may early june an hold there til sept btw i went there this weekend with my folks who are vacationing there went out in my dad 1957 cris craft an caught my limit sunday b4 having to come back home an get ready for work so i got samiches all week would be nice if my jeep didnt get 9mpg townin the boat i'd go up every weekend if i could i know so many holes out that way. but it was good fishin with dad again hes gotta stop bass fishin when he sets the hook lol
  11. i use a combo of squid an minnow, fishbites an minnow, on a single 36" leader but been having more luck on top bottom rigs lately i useually drift for fish
  12. Hey wanted to introduce myself i'm new to the hampton roads area. I've been looking for places to catch flounder and sea trout. so far the only places that i know about for flounder are, hampton bar, buckroe beach lynnhaven inlet, CBBT, Fishermans inlet (wise point), and Back river reef, i know people have told me there are flounder in these areas but have only one flatty to show for my efforts. I live on Ft. Eustis an only have a 19ft Bass boat to accommodate my fishing trips so i do have to pick when an where i can go to some places. i did go to glouster point last weekend for croaker an ran over to the poquoson flatts but had no luck there. im looking for a place that isnt to far of a drive that does have good numbers of fish. my previous floundering days were spent at Chincoteague Island for a week a year when i was younger an would like to bring some flatties home for dinner an a sammich.
  13. my luck has been the same as urs the only flounder i've kept was ove at fishemans island channel im new to the area an tr4yin to find some spots for flounder but im gettin my butt handed to me its either all smalls or none at all or that 17.25 that won't stretch. eastern shore is tearin them up left an right but were gettin squat down here an my 19ft bass boat doesn't handle the rollers out at cbbt for other ppls pleasure (does me jus fine... dang land lovers)