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    Christian gentleman that fishes,boats, hunts, and 'bout anything else you can do outside! Also, instructor and guide to five local grandchildren.

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    Andrew, thanks for the PM. I didn't post over here but I did on "P&S" about releasing 6 Saturday up to 40" and a big speckled trout,which was delicious. Course, I was by myself. Grandkids say "hi!". Chip
  3. My 11 year old grandson has never caught a drum over 40" and I would like to put him in position for a big girl. I have a few qualifications, though... 1)In Va Beach ,preferably the surf and at Sandbridge, because he has never fished in a crazed crowd of drum fishermen and I would prefer he not be "INITIATED" quite yet. 2)He starts school with all the other kids soon, so nights during the week will be out (per my lovely daughter, his mom) Any inside information will be appreciated and reciprocated. BA If its REALLY juicy, PM me!

    Drug myself off of the beach Saturday PM after a full day feeding crabs. Took home three roundheads for my mom and pop. Also caught a couple menhaden. Wind came around to NE and humidity dropped so stuck it out until full high tide....No heaver bites. Chap just down from me had a four foot or so shark...too tired to walk over and see. Likely a sandbar.

    I fished up at the fence because I was pretty sure few if anybody else was going to fish in the rain. Otherwise, I am way down the beach. You are right...holes are a little tough to find. There should have been some " outsuck " with the weather, but I didn't see any.I did see one of the big charter boats(HIGH HOPES, I think) right outside casting range, so there must be SOME water out there. Something you might try, Rob, is pay a few bucks for eels and chop them to three-four inch lengths, to get you started. Menhaden have been inconsistent, and otherwise you gotta sweat for baits....or cast net some before you head south. I am saving my cast net spots until drum time and not "pressuring" them early.Chopped eel is what I am getting hits on ....lasts a lot longer than baitfish, what with the crabs and all. BA

    If anyone is continuing to read this thread, fished BBNWR Saturday 0700 till chased off beach twice by thunderstorms. That would be about two pm... Anyway, I was the ONLY soul out there, which made putting up with rain worthwhile. Had a large fish on heaver and eel early, spit bait in the wash...all I saw was a fin ripping through the rainy surf...anyway, one four foot brown shark on cut fresh spot, and a large roundhead. Enough of interest to pack up and wait in the truck to try again.... Have had too many bad experiences with lightning to make myself an easy target. Which reminds me: Back when I was running Therapy for Dr.Wright, he was always real nervous about lightning. Whenever it started popping , I would pull up lines and head away from the radar indicated storm at warp speed. I DOUBT that it makes any difference, a moving target...you just have this feeing you want to do SOMETHING and not just be a target! BA

    Took Wednesday off to make a pious pilgrimage to CBBT Pier.Thanks to all the fish that made it a relaxing day by leaving us alone.Grandson caught a slew of croakers and short sea bass.Live baiting fish or eels produced nada.Bbnwr Saturday. BA

    So Ranger Brian has been mentioning. We saw a few bobcats in the spring, early in the morning down at our usual spot...not on the beach.but up in the dunes. Which reminds me...last year a adult coyote walked in front of my truck...at a red light...in broad daylight...at Rosemont and South Plaza Trail! The folks around me thought it was just some old dog, I guess.. BA
  9. Good on ya, Andrew! Will be sure grandsons see your sand tiger. BA

    UPDATED BBNWR NOTE! Friend of mine fished yesterday and said three ounce sinkers could not hold bottom and seaweed was the pits...BUT WATER WAS WARM! Looks like an interesting surf fishing week, weather-wise. We did not fish surf because of Saturday's weather, but went out to Pasquatank River and caught a bunch of catfish. Bite was spotty as we had an approaching cold front...once that was past, we were bailing 'em in the afternoon. We hope to hear some of you folks reporting fish this week. Even a negative report is still a report and helpful! BA

    A follow-up on NC fishing....Saturday 7/15... 1)Opened at Coinjock where I had a few bites but that's it 2)Powell's Point area -one gar (small) 3) Near Old Trap,NC- one white perch, one roundhead Thunder chased me back to Va about 3:00 pm...very relaxing day...fish let me alone and able to relax.... When I do these "tours" of different fishing spots like I did Saturday , I might fish 4-8 rods with minnows/ nightcrawlers /lures so I feel that I work an area over pretty thorough before moving on. WATER AND AIR TEMP HOT,FISHING NOT SO MUCH

    Hate to talk so much ,or write so much,but nobody else is doing it,so..... Hotter than the hinges of Hades today. On the beach at about 0630 and off around noon. As I have been clobbering the roundheads lately, I broke my own rule..."DON'T GO TO BBNWR WITHOUT BAIT"! Menhaden came close so managed some baits and caught some roundheads. One sustained run on heaver with menhaden head bait but did not hookup. Early on big fish were tearing up the menhaden. As usual, when the water is flat you could see rays on the bottom and the really big ones swimming past,putting a fin or both occasionally out of the water. Also had a rarity: whale heading north to south and blowing huge plumes. From what I could see it was medium size whale. Reminds me of one winter we were running south to striper fish and were going past Dam Neck when I saw multiple plumes and thought they were target practicing. I headed ol' Therapy east in a hurry, until I got close enough to see we were in a pod of whales. Ha! Getting surf/pier info in Va.Beach is highly difficult. I think you all might HINT at what you are catching. BA

    And more thread from July 4th: fished BBNWR from 0600 to about 1400hrs. 1 shark and was into large roundheads all day, with one sure citation and all of them large...released everything but a couple roundheads for cut bait. Just as I was getting ready to leave, wind came around to south-east and water,already very clear, was gorgeous....was tired and hungry and looked like storms around so I left...the tide was also coming in, so the scenario was setup for beaucoup fish...

    On a better note, Sandbridge Little Island Pier is "smurfing" the Spanish macs this week with the NE breeze.Water temp up to 67 this am. Of course, that isn't (to me) worth dealing with 4th of July weekend crowds!
  15. chicahominy river

    Shad,white perch, spots, whatever , is good for the big blue ones, but we always use cut eel. Have had 90% or more cats on eel....but we rarely use anything else, so that is hardly a scientific result! We use regular circle hooks, but usually no larger than 6/0. Our hook ups seem to be better with a smaller hook. And SHARPEN THAT BAD BOY! Someone once wrote that you can tell the difference between people that catch catfish and cat fishermen by the sharpness of their hooks. If you are fishing next to an old guy with grandson and they are sharpening hooks between fish, you are likely sitting next to ol' BA!