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  1. Fish??

    went to seagull for stripers on Sunday and only caught 5 dogfish.
  2. where can you fish from the shore at little creek?
  3. If you guys don't mind me asking where are you catching these fish at.
  4. So Sunday is my first day off where tides are decent for the afternoon and would like to go surf fishing. Does anyone have a report from around there. Thanks
  5. Thanks for all the help guys. Also would cut spot or croaker be good bait?
  6. Hi, I'm new to this forum and was wondering is there anywhere near Virginia Beach to surf fish for sharks. I usually freshwater fish but have started fishing saltwater more this summer. I have a big Penn reel with 80 lb. test on it with a 15 foot surf rod. I'm not really looking to catch anything huge, just something bigger than a 10 inch flounder.What beach should i go to to surf fish for them? Thank you.