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  1. Just a little fishing fun

    Man the Chain Pickerel are biting pretty good!!! This guy was 21 inches
  2. Just a little fishing fun

    These are two of the four fish I caught yesterday! Crappie Chain Pickerel
  3. Just a little fishing fun

    Thanks a lot BA! Actually I just freshwater fish in and around VB as of right now and do a lot of my surf fishing out off chicks beach by the tunnel! Catching these chains bank side is really fun and intense when they hit your spinner or rooster tail! I have always expected to catch them with a minnow and a bobber but will take them on a lure any day! Thanks again for the welcome and I hope to see you around! Leo
  4. Just a little fishing fun

    Got another one!!!
  5. Just a little fishing fun

    I caught this guy on a White rooster tail: I caught this guy on a lime green spinner:
  6. Just an update as the weather warms up and so does the water...I have been on a Chain Pickerel catching spree for the last two weeks.