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    carolinia skiff 198dlv
  1. fish

    assorted pics
  2. Thanks for all the info, I appreciate it
  3. anybody catching any spanish lately thanks for any info
  4. I was looking for some info or advice for a good inshore charter on the va. beach side of bay.I have always fished the eastern shore side.Would like to target specks,puppy drum and flounder,any info would be deeply appricated,Thanks in advance
  5. Great job,they will never forget this day.

    Just wanted to wish everyone a merry Christmas
  7. yamaha problems

    it was a stuck float,thanks for the help.
  8. yamaha problems

    I have a 2004 yamaha 70 oil injected 2 stroke that does not have even 50 hors on it,and that might be my problem.When i start it up it idles fine for about the first 30 seconds then gas starts running out of the center barrell on the carb. and gas is coming out of 2 holes on the side of the intake,the other two in take valves appear to be dry.If I open the throttle up it will keep running but the gas is still coming out of the 2 holes.If anybody has any advice it would be deeply appreciated. THANKS IN ADVANCE
  9. you have the right to brag,thats a pretty fish.
  10. Happy Birthday Tony!!

    Happy Birthday,and thanks for all your work on this site.