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    Robalo 260-BLACK PEARL
  1. That's an expensive teaser.Nice job
  2. Sounds good!!Kids hockey will be OVER last game on the 18th.
  3. All split rings and trebles have been upgraded.No love for us yesterday.
  4. Another great day on the water.Nice pics
  5. 40' Jersey should be here on 8/7
  6. With the Black Pearl being sold we decided to do a charter on the TWIN BILLS.Had a great day with all the Mahi we wanted by 10:30 got into a nice school of gaffers and bailers for about a half hour.Cleaned up the boat and started trolling for a sail.Within about 10 min. My oldest got his chance and released his FIRST Sailfish.That was it for the rest of the day.The new to me boat will be sailer into Rudde on 8/7 YEHA!!!
  7. That FULL MOON was quite impressive.My eyes are still burning.
  8. Jeff the WX was right on!!!!!!!!!!!!Great day.
  9. Nice fish!!How was the inlet around the bridge?I was reading something about OI being closed due to water depth.
  10. Nice job!!!Looking forward to the GOPRO video.
  11. Fished the 280 rocks with Jimbob and Craig great conditions all day.Lines in at 8 trolled around for a bit before we started to see signs of fish.There were some scatter bites first thing then it died out.We found some good marks and dropped the jigs down to end up with 1 blackfin.trolled around a bit more and found some great BFT marks but they would not bite.Finally at 1 we see they rolling on top and Jimbob cast a popper and WHAM fish on after a longgggggggggggg battle we land a 54" BF.The marks were so good the FF started to read 70ft. we were in 325.
  12. Heading out Thursday so hopefully I will have a report. Jeff
  13. Just about 11 months ago.300 line 50 fathoms 167lbs
  14. Get together anyone?

    Can't wait .I'm IN