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  1. Puppies, puppies and more puppies... Oh, and big sharks too...tigers and what not...
  2. Ken, What difference would it make if DNA did prove there were distinctive stocks? Take Striped Bass for example, there are the Delaware, Hudson, and Chesapeake tribes, yet the coastal limit is 2@28, tributaries may be different but coastwide its 2@28 and even if you prove tog are their own respective tribe you can bet your bottom dollar ASMFC will not relinquish management of tog without a fight as there is too much money at stake. If study after study has proven Va Tog don't move, why continue to do it? Same goes for all those that are studying the aforementioned...we already know why oysters are suffering, but its ok to still allow harvest. We already know where the menhaden are going, but omega says we need another study to delay protecting the resource while filling their pockets all the while, so lets have another study. We know runoff and dead zones are a big problem, but lets have another study...you see where I am going...all this studying to kick the can down the road...and continue the status quo... I am not knocking you Ken I am knocking the system...its screwed up and needs fixing, but with money and politicians at the wheel it will never be fixed, they will catch every last fish with a dollar sign on it all the while changing seats on the titanic, then they move on to the next species...effem
  3. Ken, I was wondering...hasnt there been a multitude of studies showing tog migrate on an East/West plane? Why do another just to appease ASMFC and kick the can down the road even though ASMFC says tog are overfished and overfishing is occuring? Most of the time they dont use the science anyways...take a look at striped bass...ASMFC says the stock will experience overfishing in the next two years, yet they allowed maryland in increase in the commercial quota by 1 million pounds? I am not knocking you Ken, it just seems that resources would be better spent on something we dont know, like YOY striped bass recruitment from the Chesapeake Bay tribes to the coastal stock, and why most of them are dying? Or how about the movement of adult red drum? Or the correlation between lack of forage (menhaden) and mycobacteriosis in chesapeake bay striped bass? What about the eel grass and oyster grounds? Or the fact that herring and shad need more help than can be given? How about even with oysters at 1% of historical levels they are still allowing a harvest? How about the fact that the Va general assembly manages menhaden instead of VMRC? How about the ghost fishing gear on the bottom of the chessie still catching? What about the fact that commercial discards are >or equal to their landings? Is a trawl really the best method to catch striped bass commercially if the quota is 100 fish even though the net can catch thousands? What about the chicken farming on the eastern shore and its contribution to the pollution of the chessie? Rant over for now...
  4. Not to mention the damage they do to the benthic environment...
  5. "Another week and yet again, the weather is the main fish story. The latest blow even managed to put a pause in what has been a very good tautog bite on the coastal wrecks. That bite should pick right back up once the water clears a bit. The Tower Reef and Triangle Wrecks have been producing quality tautog. Anglers are ready to fish structures inside the bay. Expect the bay tautog bite to be slow until water temperatures rise a few more degrees. By the end of this month, it should be going strong. Flounder are another springtime favorite that anglers are anxious to fish for. A couple of our retired club members work part-time at one of the fish houses. They are seeing some impressive flounder brought in by the dragging fleet. One fish was 38 inches long and weighed 25 pounds." Told ya the comms are gonna get them anyway...
  6. You are correct. The flounder taken offshore in the cooler months are the flounder that are at the Cell, high rise, Baltimore Channel ect in the summer. Flounder dont make a migration in a n/s direction, theirs is more east to west. Where did I say anything about the small local guys? The small local guys are awesome and if we could just work together comm/rec and get some real fisheries managers maybe the fish, fishermen, and the ecosystem would benefit. I know its a pipe dream but it would be nice, the Chessy is in bad shape. How else are the fisherman going to make a buck? They have to land something right? There is no oyster fishery, pollution is rampant, massive deadzones, omega, striped bass YOY not looking good at all, and the fishery itself has been in a downturn since 06, bluefish? tide runners? bunker? grass beds?,oyster beds? healthy nursery for the young bass? doggies? I dont know fellas, sorry for the rant, but it just makes me angry the state of affairs and nothing is to be done about. Just a long series of the same old same old bs and we have to sit by and watch it unfold. The flounder fishing would be a lot better if some of that commercial quota were set aside to lower mortality, You cant catch them at the cell in the summer if they are in comm landings from now until they come west when the water warms in the spring...same goes for those fish out of watchrapeague, you cant catch those doormats in the inlets and back bays for the tourney cause they were landed offshore commercially before they were allowed to return.
  7. I say leave the fish in the water, the comms are gonna get them anyways...
  8. Hate to break it too ya, but I believe Hatteras, NC is the drum capital of the world. Although with the current beach access situation going on there I can see why the Chesapeake Bay or the Virginia Barrier Islands would now be the drum capital of the world, due to a lack of access...
  9. Burr is on board with us. We need ALL you guys to make the phone calls. THIS IS OUR NATIONAL SEASHORE RECREATIONAL AREA! Come on guys, with cell phones the long distance is free!
  10. Good Morning Friends: Volunteers are Needed for a Telephone Campaign to Support S1557 which voids the consent decree. . Over the next few days Hatteras Islander Ryan Dawson was invited to brief the Senate committee members by Margaret Brooks, Senator Richard Burr's legislative aid. We need only two of the thirteen senators on the Energy and National Resources committee not yet committed to us to get the bill moved forward. This is not an opportunity that we can afford to lose. Please pass this note on to everyone on your mailing list with the request to call each of these legislators over the course of Thursday and Friday. We'd also like to ask everyone to whom you forward this message to send it on to their friends. Please ask everyone to be especially sure to get through to the committee Chairman Jeff Bingham. We'd like everyone receiving this message and who's willing, to step up and commit to make the calls. We really are close. We can get this bill passed before the start of our season. We really can help our friends and our neighbors save their businesses, their homes, and the futures of the children of the Outer Banks. Suggestions: Here is what you do???.. Call the number, and a secretary will answer. They will say "Senators whoever's office. " You say something along these lines. Hi, I am calling in regards to the bill S1557 that is currently sitting in the senators committee (energy and natural resources) the bill is about re-opening America's beaches in Cape Hatteras NC. Give them time to respond. By stating the bill number and that it's in his/her committee, you automatically have your foot in the door. They are basically going to record that you're a yes vote. We really need the Senators's support for this bill. I know there are much larger issues in the country, but this is a time sensitive issue. If we don't have out beaches re-opened before the spring, then we are going to lose another season and millions of dollars. We aren't simply aren't going to make it, we won't survive. We need a hearing on the bill and have it passed as soon as possible. It's important to mention time and that it is a seasonal issue so that it can get bumped to the top of the list. Feel free to add that an activist federal judge created the problem add that both of North Carolinas? senators and the Outer Banks? congressman support the bill. When you talk to Mary, Debbie, Maria, and Mark (see list below) stress that the NPS is murdering hundreds of animals. Mary L. Landrieu (LA) (202) 224-5824 Maria Cantwell (WA) (202) 224-3441 Debbie Stabenow (MI) (202) 224-4822 Mark Udall (CO) (202) 224-5941 When you talk to Bernard (Bernie) mention that you hope the senator will continue to protect civil liberties Bernard Sanders (I) (VT) (202) 224-5141 Byron L. Dorgan (ND) (202) 224-2551 Ron Wyden (OR) (202) 224-5244 Tim Johnson (SD) (202) 224-5842 Robert Menendez (NJ) (202) 224-4744 Blanche Lincoln (AR) (202) 224-4843 Evan Bayh (IN) (202) 224-5623 Jeanne Shaheen (NH) (202) 224-2841 Near the end ask if there is a legislative assistant to talk to (they'll give you a voice mail to leave a message on). And repeat your message. Chairman Jeff Bingaman (NM) (202) 224-5521 He is the Chairman. Start with the members and get your speech down, then call him last. This is your beach???.lets make this campaign successful right here?.right now! Jim Keene, President North Carolina Beach Buggy Association #5680, Life Member
  11. Even with hardly anything to catch and so much snow and winds no one even bothered to post, yet when the fish are running the board is alive. When are these fisherman going to realize the food chain? I guess even the moderators dont care? I posted earlier about Omega killing the bay, with pictures of devistation. That got a luke warm response. I applaud you P-2.
  12. P-2, I hear you, but we are fighting an uphill battle on this. No way we can out lobby/contribute Omega. They have had their hands in VA politics for so long they have been pulling a reach around. One hand in the pocket the other, well. I have been calling and faxing as well, but we both know this is not going to change. They already gave McDonnell $30,000 , not to mention what IS NOT reported. TAKE $1 BILLION IN UNSPENT STIMULUS, BUY THEM OUT AND CLOSE THEM DOWN. Maybe we could make the case that because of Obama's executive order to clean up the bay, our legislators violated the executive order, based on menhadens ability to filter feed and clean the water. Perhaps we could use the ESA. The eco-wackos/scientists use it to close Cape Cod, Cape Hatteras, ect. maybe we start using it. With MPAs, Consent Decrees, Denial of public access, I doubt RFA, keepamericafishing, ect. have the time or the money. All the agencies, NOAA, NPS, DMF, are being run by the eco-wackos/scientists. The other agencies VMRC, ASMFC, NMFS are run by political appointments. Maybe we should take up golf?
  13. Over 1000 views and less than 1% of the people reply. I guess the 1000 people who have seen this are ok with it. Shame on all of you who dont have the stones to post or try and help the situation. As long as people are ok with this the slaughter will continue.
  14. Too bad Omega is on an honor system in their catch reporting. But hey, if they meet the cap in the bay they can just go into federal waters or down to NC and take as much as they want. Because Omega has been at it for so long, that IMO is why they havent been able to get to the ~100,000 metric ton cap. TAKE 1 BILLION IN UNSPENT STIMULUS AND BUY THEM OUT AND CLOSE THEM DOWN!!!!!!!