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  1. Way to go on your first of hopefully many white marlin.
  2. Hello

    Welcome to the board.
  3. Thanks Bob. I'll give areport late Sunday or Monday.
  4. Fishing out of OI on Sunday if anyone wants to buddy up B-mail me. Also looking for info on current hot spots.
  5. When we get closer to the tourney time keep me in mind for working. Hopefully the Navy won't take me away this year.

  6. Welcome to the area. The board is full of helpful information. If you ever need an extra body to fill out a crew drop me a line markdniles@gmail.com
  7. HOME!!!

    Welcome home Don
  8. Congrats on the fish Bob and crew. A big BFT is still on my to do list.
  9. Nice work Ken. I need to learn how to catch those suckers.
  10. I wish I was going but work calls. Catch'em up Craig.
  11. Good catch Ken... Some day I need someone to teach me how to catch those Tautog and the art of wreck fishing.
  12. Get together anyone?

    Hopefully I can make it to the next one.
  13. Made the trip South to about 7 miles from Duck Pier close to the 3 mile line. Took a little while to find the fish but after a couple hours looking with a couple short hits we finally got our first hookup. Four rods double over out of a six rod spread. All three on board were busy reeling in two 30, 31, and a 32. All keepers going in the box. Cleaned up the deck after the mayhem lines back in the water. Our next hook-up a single 35 and our last fish to our limit was a 34. Had 1 fish break off my 60lb braid and run off with my mojo and atomic. Lesson learned after mayhem double check your drags to ensure they aren't set to tight when running braid. It is not quiet as forgiving as Mono. Left the area around 12:00 with sea's starting to build.
  14. Back from the Islands

    Welcome home Don.