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  1. Left Lynnhaven around 4:30 to a bumpy ride until about 12 miles out. Dropped in about 2 miles south of the cigar on the 30fathom line. Trolled south working out to 50 fathoms. Picked up a small dolphin not long after lines in. Trolled further south and saw a small fleet working an area. Stayed outside of them and had our first white come into the spread. Hit the tiki bar first then the longrigger and hooked up solid. Let my 13 year old niece (first offshore trip) take the rod. With a little help she caught and released her first white marlin. Trolled this area with 2 more white hits but wouldn't come tight (again coming to the tiki bar first). Trolled back to the north and on the back side of the cigar had the way back get hid hard. The white held on, did a jump and spit the hook. Getting ready to pull lines around three and see a white slashing at the flat line naked ballyhoo. Feed line and miss him, couple seconds later solid hit on the way back and he is hooked up. Great ride in until the light tower and then got real snotty. Overall great trip with 2 for 5 on the whites and one small dolphin. Scott
  2. Still around. Seems like I can't get the weather and a crew together at the same time anymore. Trying Saturday to get offshore and hopefully have a report. Thinking its time for some wahoo action.
  3. Was thinking about it but have a feeling it is going to be right sporty out there. Buoy weather is showing 3ft waves at 6 seconds with winds up to 15kts at the canyon.
  4. You were braver than I was with these conditions. I backed out after seeing the forecast on Monday. And not to come off the wrong way but you might want to upgrade your tackle. Shimano Tekotas are not for tuna. You may get lucky and land one but eventually the reel will fail. At least go to Shimano tld 25s with heavier rods.
  5. Fished south of the cigar today. Lines in and covered up with skipjacks. Trolled further south and found a temp break with a weed line forming up. Lots of life and had numerous knock-downs but nothing coming tight. Finally had a solid hit on the planer rod and was suprised by a decent dolphin. Ended up right at 25lbs. Decided to run in a little early to stay ahead of the oncoming front. Scott
  6. Anybody else making the run off shore Saturday? Thinking of heading out again to see if we can get our rubber hooks to stick to a white marlin. I will be leaving Lynnhaven around 4:30 heading somewhere between the triple 0's and the cigar. Scott
  7. Left Lynnhaven around 4:30 am headed to the triple zeros. Fished from there north to the back side of the cigar mainly in 50 fathoms. Went 0 for 5 on the white marlin. Just could not get one to stick. Ended up with a wahoo on the planer up near the cigar in 50 fathoms. Lots of scattered reports of whites being caught with some in shallow as 30 fathoms. Scott
  8. Anyone else looking at going offshore on Friday 9/28. Weather is looking good. Leaving Lynnhaven around 4:30am and heading east (not sure where yet). Scott
  9. I have to sit this weekend out. Wife is having her gallbladder removed tomorrow. Catch 'em up out there. Scott
  10. Left Lynnhaven at 3:30 to a great ride out. Decided to try south today and start on the east side of the Cigar. Ended up going 3 for 4 on Wahoo with one citation. Also had a White come in the spread and hit everything but not hooking up. Bite shut off by noon. Great Day on the water. Sounded like the fleet was on fire down around the Triple Zeros with the billfish. Scott
  11. Hey Don, I had planned on it but this weather is not looking good for a small boat. Don't know if I want to take a beating again this year like last. Going to make the final call tomorrow afternoon. Who you fishing with? Scott
  12. Check in your setup menus. There should be an option for loran coordinates. Google "how to set up loran in Garmin" also should put you in the right direction. Scott
  13. Good Job Erick! And yes the tiki bars were on fire.
  14. Left Lynnhaven at 4:30 heading to the 450 line. Seas were a little choppy but not bad. Dropped lines at the 50 fathom line and trolled south. By 9:30 had 3 good yft in the box . Finished up with 5 nice 45-50lb class YFT. Bite ended around 11:30 am. Great ride back home.
  15. Who's going offshore this Friday 6/8? Looking to get my crew together with the good forecast (as of now). Scott