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    EJ'S Cutty 1902 Trophy
  1. Weigh Station Help Needed

    I'm available 1/16/09 for Va.beach fishing center,give me holler.or long bay pointe. E.J.F. 717-9044
  2. Another New Boat Tax??

    Hey Todd I hate to tell you but yes,I have been paying a trailer tax.About 40$ ayear but no boat tax mybe when its paid for they will charge me taxes.
  3. I pirzed a new 2008 Sports Cabin 2120 in July 2008 they wanted $42,000 I went with A 1902 Trophy Cutty for $32,000. You'r best deal will come in feb. at the Boat Show. Be patient and get a better deal.
  4. NED FALNDERS It is gone didn't i tell you that.
  5. Limited Entry Charter Boat Licenses

    Todd Good job you passed. Away you want to trade umbrella rigs for the BLACK BART luers I won at the meet & greet. Give me a call. 717-9044 E.J.F.
  6. Would Love to here how you got that one! My best is only 3 pds at the third island. E.J.Farrar
  7. Andrew it will good to hear what you'll do on the pier.I'm going 9-06-07 afternoon .Hightide at 5:00 I'm going to work the first island for all it's worth! If you really want to go my boat is a 1703 Torphy 2004. E.J. 717-9044
  8. Oh yea off monday too! Satnight +sunday or sunday night! I'd like to drop wire at the high raise. I got the reels rewired but but I don't think I'm running my 1703 that for at night unless it gets real glassee!
  9. Andrew great reading and killer pics call and let me know what times are good for you to go FISHING 717-9044 E.J.F. It's stripers in 3 days!
  10. HEY Did the six of you'll get rained on! 6 that's to many evein for just aboat ride.My trophy 1703 I think its only rated for 5 people,you might want to look at weight limit. Little boats or fun till it gets nasty out! See ya out there D.C. E.J.F.
  11. Hey worked Rudee 6-28-07 tide was ebb 4:00 but high tide was 8:00 We got 12 flounder all small 2 keeper pumpydums 3 spot and 1 croker. I like high tide working the inlets.fishon!
  12. BLUES they'll hit anything shinny or wiggling.You will find then near the ramps and inlets or rocks jumping out of the water.Medheydem is the best I've used for chum and bait. good luck.
  13. I'm running my 17' it weighs 1800 to 1900. I don't have any problems.I'm sure you could get your 22 Makco out of crab creek.Just gets shallow where you turn out to the channel. Going satday see ya out there! I'LL be on channel 68. E.J.
  14. GREAT JOB! Was that sunday the 20 or 27 cause I was there friday 25 same time and place and didn't even mark that many fish it was bad no fish on screen nofish in the cooler,then the wind had the falg at the 1st standing straight up.
  15. IT'S A Great ramp going and comeing back.But it does get real shallow.You got to see it at lowtide alot of mudd east of the channel and it does get busy.tight lines and best of luck!