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  1. Took my boat Hot & Heavy out for my first offshore trip as captain of my own boat yesterday. Had a great day only caught one nice yellowfin about 40 pounds and a small maybe 10 pound mahi at the fingers late in the day. Made it totally worth it. Boat ran great and everyone had a blast including myself. Can't wait to get back out and have a little better luck finding the fish.
  2. Recommendations Needed!!!

    Inch and a half schedule 40 is more than enough. Especially if you have over built it. Its almost a 2 inch o.d. So it's a good sturdy size. I used it for my half tower to keep down on the weight and not make it too top heavy.
  3. Need help!!!!

    Does anybody know anyone local to Virginia Beach that works on generators? I have a Mase diesel generator that I can't get to run. I am looking for someone that can trouble shoot while its on the boat. Any help would be great. Thanks.