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  1. First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone who attended our Atlantic City Seminar last weekend. It was a huge success with over 450 people in attendance including close to 200 folks that had attending our Seminars in years past. Based on feedback from the 200 past attendees I know you will find that this year?s Seminar goes above and beyond our past Seminars for the level of detail and brand new topics. If you are still thinking about attending one of our remaining 3 Seminars in New York on March 29; Annapolis, MD on April 13; or Newport, RI on April 26 email me to get your tickets. The NY show will close out March 1st. We are in Sunny Florida and will start sending reports of our sailfish and sword encounters! See you on the water!!
  2. Thanks for the replies!! We are always trying to present the most current and useful techniques during our seminars. We're about putting people on fish, whether on our charter boats or you fishing on your own boat. If we help one person catch one more tuna we've succeeded. For those that missed the Atlantic City seminar, we still have 3 more scheduled for this year, Long Island, NY - March 29, 2008 * * * Annapolis, MD - April 13, 2008 * * * Newport, RI - April 26, 2008. We're getting ready to head to sunny Florida for Sails and Swords! We'll keep you posted on our trips!!
  3. You can see the rest at http://www.canyonrunner.com/pictures.php
  4. Here's some pics from the last couple of trips...Enjoy!
  5. I have a ton of pictures to post that Capt. Mark and Tom got me and I have been working on them for the past two days but I wanted to get this up immediately to give you a glimpse into what has been under the keel of the Canyon Runner for the past two weeks. These are the Bluefins that the crew has been working over. In fact I believe they hooked up within seconds of going over this pod. The Northstar fishfinder has been unbelievable all year long but I have to say this might be one of the best shots I've seen on any fishfinder in a long time. Capt. Phil loved it all canyon season and now Capt. Mark is in love with it - particularily when it lights up like this. I did not feel the need the photoshop out the exact location so catch 'em up boys!!!!! I also wanted to take this moment to wish everyone Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy and Health New Year!!!!!! Everyone at Canyon Runner Sport Fishing wish you and yours the best of everything in 2008!!!!!!
  6. Another day offshore Morehead City, this time in rough conditions with 20-25 knot NE winds and 5-8 foot seas by the time they were done, turns out pretty much the same as the last day with a couple more nice bluefin in the boat. The first fish came around 11am and took 30 minutes and was 96". The seas were only 4-5 foot at that point. The second fish was hooked at 2:15pm and was not darted until 4:15 pm - 2 hours later. The seas had built to 8 feet at that point and were making the battle slightly more difficult. That coupled with the fact that this one was 99" and fat - maybe over 500 pounds but we won't know until they get back to the dock. The 99" fish dressed at 417# so if you add the normal 20-25% percent to the fish if it was whole it was 521# - NICE FISH GUYS!!!! Based on the forecast they are not fishing tomorrow so we will have plenty of time for more details and a ton of pictures once Mark can get them up to me. __________________ Tight lines, Canyon Runner
  7. Just a quick update on today's action. Capt. Mark DeBlasio, Ed Farrel and Tom Kelly have two fish in the boat today - 87" & 86". Both fish came in single bites one around 8am and another around 12:30pm. I will post more info and plenty of pictures tonight. They are fising a little further offshore this week then last week so I can only talk to Mark on the Sat Phone and I think we all know how unreliable the service has been this year otherwise I would have some more info to post now.
  8. Capt. Mark DeBlasio and mates Tom Kelly and Ed Farrell were back at it down in Morehead Tuesday on the Canyon Runner after being stuck on land since Friday due to weather. The day did not look promising as few if any bites were being reported on the radio. By 1pm many boats headed home but the crew stuck it out and were rewarded at 3pm with a bite on the planner rod. The Berkley 220# spectra was being pealed from the reel rather quickly but they got the fish under control and 30 minutes later Capt. Mark threw the Poon Harpoon and it landed home true. This fish was 82" and is their lucky number seventh bluefin over 73" in the last two weeks with 6 of those fish over 80".
  9. 74" Bluefin off Morehead

    12/12/07 Capt. Mark DeBlasio and mate Tom Kelly were back at it again today and had to put in their time watching other boats on fish all morning long but finally at 2pm I got the call as the line was screeming from the reel. The bite came on the planner rod with a skirted horse ballyhoo and the fight was on. A short 20 minutes later again Capt. Mark called back with a 74" Bluefin on the deck. Hopefully their luck continues tomorrow.
  10. Canyon Runner Seminars

    Looking forward to seeing you guys there!! Atlantic City is filling up fast and nearly sold out, so don't delay. New for 2008 will be 5 brand new hands-on breakout session topics focused on 1) Small Boat - Offshore Fishing with Canyon Runner Team Regulator; 2) Using Electronics to Locate Big Game with Northstar; 3) Advanced Swordfishing Tactics; 4) Jigging Tuna Utilizing Spectra and Top-shots with Basil Pappas from BHP Tackle; and, 5) Offshore Safety with Viking Rafts. In addition, our most popular breakout session will return including Dennis Braid from Braid Tackle presenting breakout sessions on fighting big fish on stand-up tackle. Capt. Len Belcaro from Offshore Satellite Services will discuss analyzing offshore eddies and temperature breaks. You will continue to get your hands dirty rigging ballyhoo for tuna but we?ve added rigging split bill ballyhoo and circle hook rigs to this breakout session. Finally, you will learn to set up for chunking as if you were in our cockpit with demonstrations on rigging several different types of baits. See you on the water!