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  1. Ford F-150 Rear WIndow Leak

    I am personally done with Ford. Between buying new transmissions, leaky windows etc. I am done with them. Getting a new Chevy early next month. Anyone want to buy a Ford Exploder cheap?
  2. Custom Aluminum Work?

    S&S Marine next to Cobbs does good work.
  3. Garmin GPS 4208 Noise

    Dont let them shovel you out the door like that. Garmin's support is indeed a bit lackluster so dont be scared to go for the throat. No Garmin equipment we have installed has ever made a squealing noise. It may indeed be a fan, but it is not a properly operating one. If they give you the same answer, give cory a call at 309-8941 and maybe he can go to bat for you with the support system.

    Call Cory at 309-8941 and he can probably shed some light on the subject for you. He is the resident Furuno guru.
  5. Fish are in trouble now

    You guys are HILARIOUS!!!! Im thinking I need to find a lucky item before it finds me!
  6. Garmin GPS 4208 Noise

    This does sound like a thermal breakdown on the board of some kind. I would recommend sending the unit back to garmin for bench testing. In your report I would just mention heat and leave out the direct sunlight bits though. Problems such as this are not common but they do occur. If you have any other questions call Cory at 309-8941.
  7. electronics installation

    Call us at 309-8941. That is Cory's cell number. Our rate is $80/hr. Typically autopilot systems take between 10 -14 hours including seatrial. Let him know you got the number from these boards ;}.
  8. DCS Radio setup

    These units are directly compatible. Attach the NMEA 0183 out of the Lowrance pos and neg to the NMEA inputs on the radio. Then go into the menu on the Lowrance: Main Menu/Communications/NMEA0183 ON. At this point you should have what you need. I can't think of an application that would force you to have a router. We use network hubs for connecting networked systems but that's about it. If you have any other questions contact me on my cell at 309-8941.
  9. need help

    My bust, I was thinking navlight for some reason. Golight is a search light and indeed you need to mount your dome above the light. We can order mounts for you at a good price and install it for you or advise you on how to do it yourself. Again my mistake on seeing the type of light.
  10. DCS Radio setup

    Curious as to why you would say this? Maybe you have read something that has escaped my attention. IMO NMEA 0183 is currently more reliable and can send data to the DSC system without issue. What type of chart plotter and radio are you using? I can help you make the connections either by phone or on here.
  11. need help

    Unless the radar has a very high horizontal beamwidth, i.e. Saitex 10" radome, you should be fine. If you have an 18" or larger radome it should not be an issue.
  12. DCS Radio setup

    Have you registered your radio numbers yet? If not go to boatus.com and register your MSSI number. Step two: Open instruction booklet from your radio and go to "Entering MSSI or DSC Number". Follow this and all should work well. If you have any questions call me at 309-8941. Cory
  13. Wiring problem

    First thing u need to do is place a multimeter on the start solnoid and the ground to the block ground. crank the motor over while reading the meter. How low did the Volts DC drop ?? If u had a large drop in volts work back to batt switches, repeat the test there. Did volts drop? If not your problem is in the line from the switch to the engine. check both sides of the batt switch, sometimes they go bad. If voltage still drops test all circuts in this matter, it will tell u where the resistance is. my cell is 757-309-8941

    A friend of mine has done well for himself but prefers to hang out with us rednecks, so he bought a 57' Ocean Yacht. He pays ALL the bills on it. If theres a project he whips out the wallet. He pays for all the gas, all the food, bait, tackle, blah blah.....great and generous man to say the least. We as the crew do ALL the work on the boat for nothing. Most of us are marine and machine professionals so it works out great. We have the skills and make MAINTAINING the boat affordable and all have a great time. You obviously have the skills that maybe he doesn't and it is all a fair trade in the name of fishing. The crew has HUNDREDS of man hours in a boat that size if not tipping into the 1000+ man hour range. How much is it worth to you to fish with him? One other point though....he, as captain, really should know how to use his nav gear. If you had to show him and he does not know, then i would insist on working on it with him for safety's sake. The time when you really need it is NOT gonna be the time you want to be breaking out the manuals Just use your best judgement given all the above posts as to whether or not you are shouldering more than your share.
  15. Wanted: Navionics chip

    CAn you get the navionics gold for our area at the same price? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No the navionics gold are $199.