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  1. At least gas is cheap! Has anyone caught any fish in the ocean? Good luck.
  2. Ah, how soon we forget. This time of the year at the CBBT, striped bass feed at night during full moons. The best striper fishing has always been on a clear night, full moon and strong outgoing tide and the worst is always the day after. Many of us have seen those incredible, acres of hungry fish, resulting in hook-ups on every cast, nights only to see the bite stop at slack tide and first light. Timing is so important when fishing for striped bass. Yeah, I know it's hard to get out there from 10:00 pm to 5:00 am, but trust me, that's when they feed! Also, IT's NEVER CROWDED AT MIDNIGHT! The tides are higher and lower during the full moon, resulting in more water moving during the change. Striped Bass are stimulated to feed by moving water! If the water isn't moving, don't even bother. This doesn't mean that you can't catch an occasional fish on a slack tide, but don't be complaining about how bad the fishing was "all day", when someone was in that same spot, last night, catching fish on every cast!
  3. 01/28/07 Fishing/theft report

    Why don't we hold "court" at the February meet and greet. Superjeff can be the judge and we can pick 12 boat captains as the jury. We could really turn this into a "fun time" and settle it once and for all.
  4. We were right there with you, most of the day. Must have passed you 3 or 4 times. Strange day. Caught smaller 36-38" fish way out at the "3 mile" line, but the biggest one, 43"- 34 lbs., came out of 16' of water, close to shore. All fish bit a solid yellow stretch 30 except one on a yellow mojo at the end of a daisy chain. No hits on the umbrella, at all. Go figure. While trolling south in shallow water, we had a 20'+ whale come up right next to us, I mean 3' away, on our starboard side. It then dove under the boat, sticking its barnicle covered tail in our faces before disaapearing from sight. WOW! We could have touched it. I feel bad for the 100 or so boats that we passed on the way back to Rudee. We were passing Sandbridge when that cold front blew through. It must have been a long wet ride home for many. I hope everyone made it home safe. I heard of one one guy broken down off of Sandbridge. Did anyone hear the woman on CH 68 giving some guy hell about HIS driving. Boy, that got everybody going. LOL! :cool_smiley I took my neighbor, Bill Goheen, who had never caught a striper over 40". He pulled out a brand new $30 umbrella rig, clipped it on a rod, lowered it into the water and almost immediately snagged the bottom and broke it off. He bitched and bitched even after he pulled in the 43" inch fish. I finally reminded him it only cost him $30 to catch his fish, but it has cost me $50,000 to catch mine.
  5. Just wondering about a boat I was looking at....

    You really do have to decide how you are going to use your boat before you can decide which one is best for YOU. There are many good choices in hard core fishing boats. You will never regret spending too much money to own the best built boats. To me, the quality of the hull is the most important point to focus on. You can buy an older boat like a Seacraft or Regulator that is 10 times a solid as 90% of the "mass produced pop-out" boats being sold new at the dealers. Every manufacturer says their boat is best, but take them out on the roughest day to find out for yourself. I bought an almost new 22' Grady Fisherman CC last year and I can see why the Grady owners rate them so high. The overall quality of the boat and fit and finish has been perfect. Coming out of a 19' Wahoo, I feel like I own the Mercedes of fishing boats. Very nice (almost too nice), but not as "hard core" as let's say a Regulator. If you are looking for the best all around, multi-purpose, affordable fishing boat, my vote is the Grady. After 3 years, there isn't even a corroded screw, much less a Grady failure. It is solid! The ride is a little hard and though it isn't the best choice for 4-6' seas, it's just a great all around boat. Plus, I know I can sell it when I'm ready. I also fish on an older 23' Regulator that makes my Grady feel like a paper cup. The Regulator feels twice as heavy and solid. I wouldn't hesitate to be in it offshore on all but the worst of days. It would be my choice for a great, fishing-only boat. So...... the moral of the story is to buy the most quality in a boat that you can stand. You are so much better off repowering a quality, older, heavy hulled boat than buying that shiny new pop-out boat at the boat show for that "cheap" monthly payment. There's a reason that they are on sale. No one else wants it! I'm sure that the new Mega Byte II wasn't cheap, but look at it. Look at that hull! I'm sure it's worth every penny and Keith doesn't spend all day pointing at other boats saying, "I wish I had bought that one instead" A new(er) boat is a big investment, make sure you aren't just buying the cheaper price or payment. Wait a little longer to afford what you really want if you have to. There's nothing worse than being stuck with a boat that no one else wants either. Shop smart!
  6. I'll be putting in at Lynnhaven by 5:30. I don't have a crew yet, so if anyone is interested call me ASAP. I have room for 2 more. Looked like a pretty good day!
  7. Free tackle to good home

    Most of the free stuff is gone, but I have some spinning and bait casting set-ups that I'm going to sell really cheap. I'm in Costa Rica and will be back in VB next week. Give me a call or email and I'll get you set up. Gary Hey Gary if you still have that tackle and rods, Id really like to get those. I love to fish and I lived overseas for many years just got back home 3 yrs ago but only got back fishing again this year. Fishing is a passion for me, especially since i learned when i was very young from my grandfather, that just loved to fish. We'd always have family fishing gatherings, unfortunately my grandfather isnt with us anymore but still us youngins still carry on the tradition. If you still have it please email me. Thanks, Some who has always loved to fish <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  8. Dr. Jim's videos or DVD's

    There are some for sale on Ebay, right now.
  9. Free tackle to good home

    OK guys. I've still got some stuff left. Come and get it! I would really like to see 1 person come and take it all! Saltwater- 25-30 Gotchas (Sea Hawks, Jerk jiiggers) used - free 15, or so Bucktails - free A big bag of assorted rubber tails and jig heads - free 1 very old fly rod and reel- 8wt- free - great to learn on a dozen or so 2 oz. red round jig heads - free 1 7' conventional pier rod -perfect for stripers and bluefish at Sandbridge - free 1 6.5' Shimano baitcasting rod - free 1 6' Fenwick spinning rod - free a couple of bluefish rigs and wire leaders - free A bucket Hopkins lures and Diamond jigs - free 1 conventional tackle box - free 1 Plano 2-sided tackle box - free Several bags of assorted hooks - free 1 new spool of 30 lb mono "catfish" line? - free 20 assorted mirrorlures - most new in boxes - $40 for all Freshwater- 6 or more bags of rubber bass worms -free several bass lures - free hooks, split shot, bobbers - free 1 5' Shimano ultra-light spinning rod - free
  10. Free tackle to good home

    Jeff Corprew, a close friend of mine died and left me some of his rods, reels and tackle. I would to give this "collection" to someone who will promise to use it. Jeff was a true fisherman and made me promise to pass his "stuff" on, only to a good home. There are a couple of light tackle spinning combos, a few assorted spinning rods and a fly rod, too. There is an assortment of lures, jigs, and other stuff to go with it, too. Mostly pier and beach fishing stuff. The only condition is that you promise to take care of this stuff and catch fish with it. I fished with Jeff for over two decades and he valued hunting and fishing more than anything else. I can't bear the thought of his tackle not being used the way he used it. There's nothing "high dollar" here, but nice enough to catch a lot more fish. I am also cleaning out my own collection and will make a begining striper or speckle trout fisherman a "deal you can't refuse". Please call me if you want to go fishin'. I live in the Kings Grant section in Va Beach. Gary Copeland cell 757-646-6700
  11. Striper Rod - 9 or 10?

    I've been using 8 and 9 wt rods for small to medium size stripers. They really don't take much line off the reel, so you don't have to have a $300 reel to catch them with. I've been using the Orvis Battenkills (regular and large arbors) and have caught fish up to about 20 lbs with no problems. I have some old fly rods that I will give away to anyone wanting to get started. You can buy the Orvis reels used on ebay for about 50-80 bucks.
  12. Striper Sushi!

    I've been eating there for 10 years or more. The owner, Mr Lee is really a nice guy and his portions are generous. It's on the corner of Va Beach Blvd and Aragona Blvd at the back end of the strip shop. It's not fancy, but I've eaten there at least 100 times and never had any "problems". It might make a cool place to do a "meet and greet".
  13. I DO hit the gym.....what are you trying to say? I'll have to pass on the deck...maybe next time. But I did tile my entire kitchen, paint all my rooms, rewire a light in my hallway, change the oil in my truck, and install my garage-door opener...does that count? Julie <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hmmmmm...the thought of Captain Fatbeard in a bikini.........just ain't right. Julie, Do you have a sister?
  14. Is this the same David Wright that used to work at Bob's Gun and Tackle Shop about 20 years ago? He was about 20 years old, then. If so I'd love to talk to him again.
  15. He put in a lot of time on the water to get that spot - you can't expect him to give up a honey hole like that... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Aw, come on...Jeff wouldn't tell anyone....