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Found 14 results

  1. We had a ½ day Family Fun Fishing trip this morning were Mom and Dad got their Daughter out to do some fishing with KeyDreams on this beautiful morning on the Chesapeake Bay after the weekend blow. The Spadefish were being tricky today with more than usual escaping the clutches of the hook. We did manage 6 Spadefish for the cooler who didn’t escape their fate with the dinner table. The Flounder bight was slow today, and we didn’t get any keepers, we also caught Shark, Skates, and Oyster Toads. It was a Fun and Beautiful day on the Chesapeake Bay today with this Fun Family.
  2. We had our Hard Core Fishing Couple on board again today for their 50th Wedding Anniversary. This young lady and her husband love to go fishing every year with us for their anniversary. A beautiful morning with calm seas with an unlikely chance of rain unfortunately turned into running around to avoid a Thunderstorm and then another shower, so we went in a little earlier than usual. We got to see a Beautiful Double Rainbow (second rainbow is a little hard to see it in the picture). We still had a fun time and made good with the time we had catching some Spadefish and a Red Drum at 29 inches today. We also caught a Shark, Skates, Oyster Toads, Seabass and Croaker, It was another fun day with these guys as usual and a beautiful day on the Chesapeake Bay.
  3. We got a family trip in this afternoon for these guys and it was a beautiful day. The Flounder bight is still a bit slow, caught 7 and managed to get 2 nice keepers up to 22 inches. We caught a Cobia today but it was under the 40 min size limit and released. Hooked up several Sharks today and we also caught a variety of the other stuff as well like Grey Triggerfish, Skates, Oyster Toads, Seabass, Trout, Roundhead and lots of Croaker. It was a fun day. Another beautiful day on the Chesapeake Bay.
  4. The Flounder bight is still a bit slow catching only one keeper Flounder, but we caught a variety of the other stuff like Shark, Bluefish, Skates, Oyster Toads, Seabass and Croaker. It was a fun day. Another beautiful day on the Chesapeake Bay.
  5. We had our Hard Core Fishing Couple on board again today for their 48th Wedding Anniversary. This young lady and her husband love to go fishing every year for their anniversary with us. A beautiful morning with calm seas was perfect for this couple. We caught our Boat limit of Spadefish and 12 flounder up to 24 inches today. We also caught a Shark, Skates, Oyster Toads, Seabass and Croaker, It was another fun day with these guys as usual and a beautiful day on the Chesapeake Bay.
  6. Got these guys out for a beautiful day on the Chesapeake Bay. The Flounder were biting good today but keepers were hard to find today. We caught 17 Flounder with 3 of them nice sized keepers. We also had a reel screamer Bat Ray and a Shark today. We also caught Skates, Bluefish, Seabass, Croaker, Grey Trout and Oyster Toads. It was a fun day as usual again with these guys. A beautiful morning on the Chesapeake Bay and lots of fun.
  7. We had some rain showers just before the trip, but the rain stopped just in time and it was beautiful. We had a Dad get his wife and all the girls out fishing with us today. It was crazy on board every time a fish hit the deck, especially when the shark came up, Crazy Fun.The Flounder bight was fair to good most of the morning catching a total of 17 Flounder with 8 of them keepers. The two biggest Flounder were 24 and 23 inches long. We went looking around the schools of menhaden and caught one decent sized Shark. We also caught the other stuff like little Seabass, Oyster Toads and Skates. It was a fun day on the Chesapeake Bay. It started raining again when we got to the dock and the girls didn’t want to get wet for the dockside pictures.
  8. We had a beautiful forecast this morning and it was gorgeous day, but we were left sitting at the dock waiting for a couple hours with the boat prepped warmed up running ready to go, but no one showed, called or answered the calls. Later found out there was a family situation and they were unable to do it. Please notify your Charter Captains ahead of time if you change your mind. We had to make the best of the day so we knocked out some minor maintenance ahead of time, topped off the fuel tank and we went out to stock up on bait. After catching a couple hundred live baits and 4 sharks we went flounder fishing for a bit. The flounder bite was on today and we managed a limit of Flounder and was back to the dock in under 4 hours.
  9. Well after a 8 day north and east blow we finally got back out there for some Flounder Fishing. We where surprised to hook up on some flounder right away but found the bight was light and seemingly reluctant with the flounder soft striking and often dropping the bait. The fish where a bit scattered but we caught some most everywhere we went. We did well both Monday and Thursday getting our limit of nice Flounder up to 23.5 inches but we had to work harder then usual for them. I noticed more Sharks caught today then usual and we got one of them too.
  10. We had a Mom, Dad and their Son and Daughter out for a Half Day of some Family Fun and Flounder Fishing today. It was a bit overcast this morning with light wind and a little cooler which was really nice. The 10 year old son dominated the Flounder today with the most keepers and the biggest Flounder winning the big fish for the day, which is quite fitting since it his 11th birthday tomorrow. We caught a bunch of Flounder today to put 11 nice keepers in the box. We had a 5-6 foot Shark swirl up behind the boat grabbing spent bait that was released. I didn’t get a real good look at it but I’m fairly sure it was another Sand Tiger like we caught last week in the same general area.
  11. We had a group of Friends from Pennsylvania treating themselves to a fishing trip. The wind was out of the east today. The morning was fine but it did get a bit breezy by noon making the Flounder fishing challenging. We started hitting some nice Flounder first thing this morning, but had to take a break from Flounder fishing to land something big. We where hooked up on a runner, I first guessed it was a big Red Drum but it was taking too long to see color. After some evasive boat maneuvering and some chase we got it up and it was at least a 6 foot Bull Shark. The Bull Shark had some gill net wrapped around him, looked pretty obvious he chewed his way out of the net. I went ahead and cut away the pieces of gill net wrapped around his fins. We got back to Flounder fishing ended up catching 16 Nice Keeper Flounder and a lot of small throw back Flounder. Lots of Fun.
  12. We had a group of Family Men consisting of Dad and his 4 Sons from Pennsylvania on vacation treating themselves to a fishing trip. It was a beautiful morning with calm seas. It was a tough Flounder bight with many of them coming up a little too short to keep, but we did get 2 nice Keeper Flounder. We also had a Shark up to the side of the boat before he took a hard run and cut the line. We spent a good bit of the trip playing with the Spadefish putting 10 Spadefish in the box. Lots of Fun.
  13. Got out for a nice day of Tog fishing. We managed to find a few places with a good bight but they where all around 14 inches and too small, so we went out to the Cape area to see if we could find some Flounder on the Channels edge but that was loaded up with Dogfish. There fun to catch so we played around with them for a while. Dogfish are good to eat as long as you gut them immediately. I prefer them batter fried in little steaks like finger food.
  14. Today’s weather forecast wasn’t the best but there was a nice window of fair weather in the morning, so we took advantage of it. It turned out to be a beautiful morning and we only had a sprinkle of rain for about 15 minutes. We did a half day trip for a family of Mom, 3 sisters and one brother. We managed over a dozen flounder with 5 keepers, a variety of other types of fish including one Shark about 6-7 foot long which wasn’t brought aboard but released boat side. I think the Shark was either a Bull or Sandbar, didn’t get a good look from the flybridge, but either way it did create some crazy excitement in the cockpit with all those girls.