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Just purchased a new pair of Costas, Man-O-war 580's with the blue mirror glass and removable side shields and I love them. The shields really work when running out, you don't get that wrap around wind that make your eyes water and you can just remove them when wearing as regular sunglasses. When you get that occasional spray it seems to wick off. extremely clear picture. Can't beat the life time warranty.

I have the same glasses and I can't agree more. These glasses are great and customer service is awesome. I broke them already due to my own stupidity and had them back in two weeks just like new. I am really hard on glasses, as a corpsman on high speed patrol boats in the Navy and these can take a beating I have wore them on just about every mission here in the middle east and they have held up better than my entire crews Oakley's and Wiley X's. Just make sure you buy a floating neck strap too nothing sucks more than losing an expensive pair of glasses over the side.

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