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I need some help......... Flyshop owner heading to VA Beach for vacation

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Hi people.. My name is Stephen And I own a flyshop in NH. Im heading down to VA beach actually Sand bridge area for a week starting this Friday. I'm a forumm vet so not looking for local honey holes for everytone to see but any help would be appreciated. Of course I'm looking for spots to wet a line, but also where I can rent a kayak or wade in the salt, what flies for this time of year, and species to fish for. I'm also looking for a decent flyfishing store as well and also a good guide to hire.


Now more about me Im a rabib fisherman but Im not a snob flyfisherman (if you catch my drift). Eventhough I own a flyshop and guide flyfisherman up here in the fresh as well as the salt. I'll sling poppers and slugos with the best of them. I dont care if you own a sage flyrod or a walmart flyrod. Just like the comraderie of fisherman and dont look down my nose at anyone who enjoys it.


So if you could help me out with any info that would be appreciated. I guide the salt up here for stripers and blues. So clousers and deceivers bunkers and mackeral patterns as well silversides are huge up here. Just dont know what to expect down there. I have fished all over thee place working for a flyfishing magazine but never fished that area.


on another note if anyone wants to fish with me I'll buy the beer and food, laugh at your jokes and tell my fair share of tall tales as well..




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I can toss out two places that are accessible to easy fly fishing - beneath Lesner Bridge and the Croatan side of Rudee Inlet.


Access Lesner by taking Atlantic Ave north and it will turn into Shore Drive, this will then cross Lesner Bridge which drains Lynnhaven Bay (~8 miles from Va Beach boardwalk). Parking is on left (far side of bridge) and costs ~$5 (cash). Very strong current.


For Croatan, take Croatan Road off of General Booth Blvd near Rudee Inlet, then left on Surfside Ave. There is free public parking on Surfside. Walk north to the tip of South Atlantic Ave. I've never seen the city property notice enforced as I walk thru the area to reach the ocean front (fishing the dock structure on the inlet side during day light hours may be a different story :-)


I'm not local to Va. Beach, it is just stuff I've picked up over the years visiting the in-laws.


Best luck to date has been with chartreuse clousers.


Tight lines,


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