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Am being discharged from the hospital today after a week of treatment for a foot infection.  I will be that hobbling bearded chap around the local freshwater spots for the next couple of weeks. My target of choice will be blue catfish, carp, panfish, crappie and chain pickerel. On weekends we will be hitting the secret locales, trying to get one of the grandkids a state record bowfin.(I think we released the STATE RECORD last spring because we were hiked out in the boonies and didn't want to kill a fish without reason....BUT WE KNOW WHERE HE IS!) I hope he has fed well and often through the winter and is fine shape. 

If anyone hears any good gossip about crappie, I would like to get a PM, and I will reciprocate on stuff YOU might need to know later. I won a club tourney on Lake Meade a few years ago with a citation crappie, and I may try that.The tactic of having a bunch of rods with jigs and small minnows and doing a "wind drift" across Meade or some other spot interests me very much.

Best to you, and watch for further mis-adventures here!



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