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After another Northeast Blow shutting us down for a spell we finally got out again for some fishing.  We don’t take our folks out in that nasty weather and big waves, for us it’s all about the fun and keeping it safe for everybody and enjoying the day.  Today we had a regular from New Jersey fishing with us again this year for a half day fishing trip.  Last year she got her Big Red, but this year she wanted a Big Cobia, but still wanted some Flounder for eating.  We knocked out our flounder fishing early catching them up to 19 inches, and then we spent the next 3 hours Cobia Fishing.  It took a bit of looking to find them, but we did find a couple Cobia to play with.  We also put Bluefish in the cooler and caught the other various fish like Black Sea Bass, Oyster Toads, and even a couple small Black Grouper.  It was beautiful today with light winds and some overcast keeping it cooler.

08-24-15 KeyDreams 4259.JPG

08-24-15 KeyDreams 4262.JPG

08-24-15 KeyDreams 4264.JPG

08-24-15 KeyDreams 4265.JPG


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