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KeyDreams, Mon. 31 Aug. 2015, Flounder, Big Sting Ray

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We had Family and Friend group go out fishing with us today for a quick ½ day morning trip looking for a fun day on the Chesapeake Bay.  We had lite winds which made the fishing easy and it was overcast making it a little cooler but we did get some light rain and sprinkles throughout the morning, but these girls didn’t care about getting a little wet, they were just having too much fun.  First thing we hooked up on a reel screamer.  Generally this time of year a reel screamer ends up being a Big Bull Red Drum, but this time it was a Big Sting Ray.  They had a bunch of fun playing with the ray and taking pictures.  We saw a bunch of Dolphins so we got a little closer for pics and they surrounded the boat while they were feeding and playing, even saw some flips and back stroking, there was also baby’s in the pod.  Got back to fishing and everyone caught some really nice flounder. We ended up catching 7 Flounder with 5 of them Keeper size for dinner.  Lots of Fun.

08-31-15 KeyDreams 4277.JPG

08-31-15 KeyDreams 4280.JPG

08-31-15 KeyDreams 4282.JPG

08-31-15 KeyDreams 4285.JPG

08-31-15 KeyDreams 4292.JPG


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