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The Spring Striper season for the Lower Chesapeake Bay didn’t develop again this year.  The weather was not too friendly for us this month but when we did get out looking for them we found the Striper bite to be void again this Spring.  Most of the Striper caught this Spring were up the major rivers and North near the Virginia/Maryland state line where the menhaden a major food source for the Striper can avoid the menhaden fishery or around the Virginia’s Eastern Shore as they run in the shallow surf coastline to migrate north on the ocean side.


The Flounder bite is starting up, but it also seems to be getting a slow start again this year, There is a notable absence of menhaden in the Lower Chesapeake Bay as we have rarely seen any this month.  The few days we found even small schools of menhaden we found flounder.  The better Flounder bites so far this month seem to have been in the rivers, harbors and shallow sounds as they are up there making more Flounder babies for us to catch in the future.  They should be cruising back out to the big water of the Chesapeake Bay again any day now as the open water warms.

05-24-16 KeyDreams 4986.JPG

05-24-16 KeyDreams 4987.JPG

05-26-16 KeyDreams 4994.JPG

05-26-16 KeyDreams 4996.JPG

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