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We had a Mom and Dad get their kids out for some Family Fun Flounder fishing this morning for a half day trip.  It was the youngest boys 7th birthday and he was a blast all morning.  We finally had a short lay down of the waves and had a beautiful sunny morning with light southerly winds.  Tropical Storm/Depression Julia has been lingering off the Eastern Coast messing up the weather for us lately.  We spent the first couple hours catching Spot, Croaker, Roundheads, and little Grey Trout and the kids had a ball.  I love seeing our next generation getting excited about fishing.  Fishing is so much better than getting emotionally involved with an electronic device you hold in your hand.  We spent the second half of the trip looking for something bigger.  The kids where surprisingly quick at learning the techniques and strong for their size and I believe out-fished Mom and Dad.  They caught Flounder up to 19 ½”, Puppy Drum up to 25”, Baby Cobia, Grey Trout up to 15”, Roundheads, Spot, Croaker, Baby Seabass, Puffer Fish, Oyster Toad, and they got just as excited about everyone.  What a Blast, lots of fun.

09-18-16 KeyDreams 5297.JPG

09-18-16 KeyDreams 5298.JPG

09-18-16 KeyDreams 5299.JPG


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