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Hello all, new to the group and fishing Virginia completely. My daughter was stationed in S.C. but now is in Norfolk. We are going to visit her the 13th and 14th of May and are looking for some places to fish from shore with deep access and the possibility of sharks or other big fish. Also used to surf fish for whitings and blues, not sure if these are in Virginia. We would like to take a charter out on the 13th to fish for tile fish, sharks, and whatever else may be out there. Anyone have a recommendation on a good charter boat that won't break the bank but can go deep? Also she lives around Portsmith so any recommendation around there would be awesome too. She's asked other sailors that have been there awhile but not many fisherman on her ship.

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Thank you Scotty for all your information. I truly appreciate your honesty and integrity. Maybe this summer we'll try again.

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