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Sorry for the late post, but hopefully its better late than never.  Went out to about 5 nm E of the north tip of the Cigar on Memorial Day, where we saw the temp start to slowly rise from 61 deg to over 63 deg.  First lines in water around 8:00, first hook-up and loss around 0900.  Around 0930 we we had a double, losing one immediately but getting one in the boat - about a 30 lb. YFT.  No more for a little while so we trolled further E into the warm side of a nice temp break, catching 5 mahi in 69 - 71 deg water.  Most of the Mahi were really nice, with our biggest coming in at 20 lbs.


Just about everything we threw out there was hit, but the standout was a blue/white Ilander with hoo, trolled close to the boat.

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