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KeyDreams, Mon. 24 July 2017, Flounder, Spadefish, Biting live baits heads off to counter Banana Curse

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We had a Family Fun Fishing trip today for the Boys to get out fishing with KeyDreams on this beautiful morning on the Chesapeake Bay.  The Flounder bight was good and we did managed to get 11 Flounder with 6 Big Keepers ranging up to 24 inches.  We also spent some time working on the Spadefish that were finicky again today but we still managed to get a bunch for the cooler. 


During the day I looked down in the cockpit and saw a couple of them biting the heads off the live baits and my First mate taking pictures.  I later found out the story.  Apparently they were taking a break to have some Zucchini Bread that one of the guys was supposed to bring, but instead they realized he brought Banana Bread, so to break the Banana on a boat curse they bit the heads off some of the Live Bait to make amends. 


We also caught Skates, Oyster Toads and Seabass.  It was a Fun and Beautiful day on the Chesapeake Bay with a Great bunch of guys. Lots of Fun.

07-24-17 KeyDreams 5762.JPG

07-24-17 KeyDreams 5763.JPG

07-24-17 KeyDreams 5764.JPG



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07-24-17 KeyDreams 5767.JPG

07-24-17 KeyDreams 5769.JPG

07-24-17 KeyDreams 5770.JPG

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