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KeyDreams, Thurs. 17 Aug. 2017, Flounder, Blues and Grey Trigger fish

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Today we had a Father and Son go out fishing with us for some Flounder Fishing.  We caught 6 Flounder today up to 19 inches keeping only 2 for dinner today.  We definitely had a couple big ones on but they shook the hook.  The bite was finicky but they were there.  We also got Bluefish and Grey Triggerfish for the cooler.  It was beautiful today with light winds and some overcast keeping it cooler and we were back to the dock around Noon.  We also caught the normal variety of the other stuff like Oyster toads, small Sea bass and such.

08-17-17 KeyDreams 5865.JPG

08-17-17 KeyDreams 5866.JPG


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