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Virginia Beach Fishing
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VBSF Rockfish Frostbite Challenge

Well...Another successful tournament put on by Don, George and Dave. Although the weather conditions could not have been nicer, the extended cold weather we had leading up to the fishing days pushed 90 percent of the Stripers off shore past the established 3 mile boundary. I had a crew of pirates with myself, Otter, Captain fatbeard, Voodoo and his son Hunter. Although the fishing was way off, the entertainment and pranks were up there as in all trips.   I think I burned enough gas to cover a couple of offshore trips on this one...we fished from duck Pier up to Corrola lighthouse on Friday without a bump, and on Saturday went back down to the water towers up to the lighthouse again with Nary a sniff at our beautifully displayed spread of parachutes, stretches, Mojo's, Daisey Chains and what not....but again...could not have asked for nicer sea and weather conditions that's for sure.   The events culminated in one of the best post tournament award parties I've yet to attend. The food was plentiful and delicious with Captain Fatbeard running the Kitchen with the help of my Son Bryan (graduate of Culinary Institute of Virginia) and Jeff's buddy Kenny helping out. I think I spotted an Otter back in the kitchen helping out, or maybe sampling all the food before it was brought out to the guests.   Captain Reese handled the Raffle's and awarding of the prize money in his usual jovial manner, keeping everyone entertained during the awards portion. With Captain dave Wessner coming up with quick one liners on the wonderful raffle prizes...   I think we left there around 11PM last night full and happy even though we didn't receive any raffles or prize money...   Congratulation to the winners, Chris Howlin captain of Good Grief, Ross and his crew on Harpoon, who also was a major sponsor of the tourney, couldn't have happened to a nicer pair of Captains this year....congrats again.....Bob



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