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The Bars are Open!!--GRL Tuna Spread

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Its time to hit the bar scene and catch some tuna!! Here's a complete tuna spread, rigged and ready for action. 7 rigs to entice any tuna from the deep and throw them into a feeding blitz behind your boat!

This package comes complete with:


(2) Tiki Bars

(2) Mini Bars

(2) Conga Lines

(1) T.C.B.


Frame out your spread with the Tiki Bars as long flat lines, Mini Bars off the short riggers and the Conga Lines off your long riggers. The bubble trail from the T.C.B. set down the middle in the shotgun position will smoke out the tuna...virtually ringing the tuna dinner bell!


Tiki Bar in action...



All in your choice of colors and rigged and ready to land big fish. All are rigged with 150 pound Momoi's Leader material, Mustad hooks, and quality snap swivels and crimps...a Get Reel Lure standard. The T.C.B. can be rigged to run as a lure or as a lure/ballyhoo combination...your choice.


As an extra bonus...(4) rigged Shooters in your choice of colors...all the same or mix them up! Run them as backup baits or make an 11 line spread to really drive the tuna nuts.


This is a package valued at nearly $420.00... yours at the Get Reel Lure Special price of $350.00!!!


For more information or to place orders, email getreellure@hotmail.com or call at (757) 576-4013.



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