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    Where to go?

    Hi, Im 15 and live here in chesapeake and I am wondering where me and my friend can go this weekend to get in on the freshwater action. I am not new to fishing and I do alot of salt water fishing with my father. I dont have a boat to use this weekend So, I would really appreciate it if ya'll can awnser a few key points; Where to go Whats biting Whats the best bait & tackle to use And anything else that is helpful! Ps. I havent done much fresh water fishing in chesapeake THANKS!
  2. circarocker06

    Cajun Recipes

    I want some good canjun recipes, anybody?
  3. circarocker06

    Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Shrimp

    Sounds good, How long do you soak the toothpicks?