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  1. Came home to a river coming from my garage yesterday morning . . .. Needless to say did not get my boat fixed that morning, today was a honey do and daddy day . . . Might get it done tomorrow . . . If all the stars line up might be able to put it in the water too . . . Glad the fishing hasn't been great.
  2. Not Until Now. Changing out fuel pumps on Friday with planned test run same day. If everything goes well might could try and run out there Saturday. I have a dozen or so live spot left I need to feed to something. YG
  3. YoungGun11

    Motor issue

    Thanks for all the relpies guys . . . No alarms, bulb stayed hard, both water separators were checked and stayed clear and bright. I did come close to running the boat on a 5 gallon tank as wag said but really suspected air. Pulled my 3 low pressure pumps one at a time off the side of the motor and pumped the primer, trick a friend showed me. The middle pump was a river. Little elastomer body gave up the ghost. Going to change all 3 this weekend will post if it fixes it . . . I suspect it will. Thanks again for all the come backs
  4. YoungGun11

    Motor issue

    Having an issues i am convinced is fuel related but would welcome any input on. I bought my first boat about 3 months back. Ran great up until a few weeks ago. 2001 yam 225 ox ss on a kencraft 215 challenger. Starts first touch every time, idles fine. When I get her up on plane she'll run fine for 5-10 sec then throttle back down. Sounds like it is starving for fuel . . . Flush bulb appeared original so replaced it but that did not fix the problem. Any input is appreciated.
  5. Wow, that's a test of a fisherman. Nice job man.
  6. I catch those little guys pretty much year round farther up the river, but I have never gotten into them down by the HRBT. If they,re not casting they must be chunking or eeling I suppose. They do that a lot in the deeper water near the M&M and JRB. Thanks for the post. TL TG
  7. Live bait. Spot, croaker, menhaden etc. That's what they are eating now anyway. Grab a light pole and some fish bites and catch some. They're still in the James caught 7 nice spot and 3 or so croaker in an hour from the bank Sunday. Put them under a float or just drift with them suspended from the bottom, it is deadly this time of year. TL YG
  8. I couldn't go but my dad went yesterday and boated one at the HRBT just over 16". I doubt the tournament guys will care, but it made a good sandwich. TL and good luck to anyone fishing the tournament, maybe one day when I've got my own boat. YG
  9. That's funny KD, I didn't even notice but it does look like a bunch of 16 to 18" fish. . . Of course I'd take tit, haha. TL YG
  10. Sucks that some people are like that. Glad you found some table fare and had plenty of pillage from the sound of things. Makes me itching to go again especially now that I've got a tank full of spot and pin head croaker. TL YG
  11. Took my boy fishing in the big boat for the first time today. Me my dad and a 3 ft ball of eternal energy. Long story short fishing was slow and he lost interest quickly, but played in the boat w/o complaint for 2.5 hours. fishing was tough having to watch him and sometimes play w/ him. my dad put a number of croaker in the boat but no flounder, I managed one small croaker and that was it. We fished around the M&M and mouth of the e.river. Was pretty cool, he loves boats and the water and I went fishing, sort of, and there was no need for a kitchen pass. Saw two flounder landed my some guys trolling over the rocks of the southern island of the m&m about 5 minutes apart, one of them was a real nice one. TL YG
  12. Kevin all the flounder I have found so far have been shallow. Don't neglect the guts around fisher mans island if the deep water doesn't work out. keep his head up. TL YG
  13. Fished Monday with my dad. Started off at BRR, my dad went with his standard squid n minnow and I stuck with 4" curly tail gulps. No love on the flat fish at BRR, but all the small specs and croaker you wanted. Moved to the mouth of back river around 10:30 or so and caught 2 flounder 17" and 18" on the squid minnow and gulp respectively, and even a keeper spec for the fryer. We had to be back by 1200, so we couldn't wait for the falling tide, but it was a beautiful day on the water even if the fishing wasn't the greatest. Didn't see a whole lot going on other boats either. TL JB
  14. I have been jealous of that puppy drum bite in Rudee for the last couple weeks. I couldn't make it over this past week so when our flounder trip got blown out yesterday me and my dad decided to give it a go on this side of the water after dark. It was game on from the start, my first 9 casts all landed fish. We fished for about an hour and a half with puppy drum from 15 to 18", Striper from 8 to 22", and a couple 12" croaker. In all I know we came close to 50 fish. I dropped what looked like a big (+20") puppy right at the side of the boat trying to swing it smacked it into the boat. We started netting after that. We were just working dock pilings and small structure with gulp and other soft plastics. I stayed with the green swimming mullet everyone uses, my dad used a mix of soft plastics from his Striper bag. What a blast, wrist is actually sore this morning, it's a pretty awesome feeling. It is on on the peninsula fellows! TL YG