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  1. Its probably a trolling rod for crappie. Look up spider trolling. They are made super cheap, so no doubt they are made overseas. Cheap because some guys troll a dozen of them. That reel will work, but its more than you will need. This rod needs a reel only to adjust the depth and fight the fish. The cheap reel that normally goes on a rod like that is not designed to cast very well. Think of this rod as a high end cane pole. It probably stupid long also, some are 10-16ft long in order to get bait away from the boat.
  2. Im going to mix things up. I hope to do more freshwater LMB and bream this year, along with puppy drum and specs. I also neglected Cobia the last few years, going to give them a shot again this year.
  3. They can be very docile after being hit in head with a stick.
  4. On a more serious note, looks like you can bail specs and pups in Lynnhaven right now. Andrew, when you taking me on a Spec ops trip? (Speckled trout night operation)
  5. Bob, want go halfsies on a Cobia Charter out to the dump site? Not sure if Capt Todd has a Tower, but we can strap a lawn chair on the T-top and take turns sight casting. Looking forward to picking your inshore brain!
  6. Thanks for the report, never fished for cats up here.
  7. Way to get them on the fish Todd!
  8. Weird year for Rockfish. I would make the run down myself if anything was going on, if for any reason just to run the boat. Caught a few fish casting the CBBT this year, thats about it.
  9. Thanks for the report, might be worth a ride out if not for this cold, windy, weather. Looks like it will stick around for at least a week. Boat is winterized!
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