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  1. Hi Andrew K, haven't been on in a couple of weeks. Need some guides replaced. Nothing fancy, just want to know if it's even worth fixing.
  2. Looking to repair a couple of fishing rods. Most of the local tackle shops sub contract. If any of you you know of any rod repairmen (women) out there I would greatly appreciate it. Not that I do not want to support the local shops, I just would rather deal with the actual person doing the repair. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply considering I should have posted in general chat!
  4. VB city ordinance regarding boat and RV storage is strict and violations are now a class 3 misdemeanor so I want to do the right thing. Have a boat behind a house on a corner lot which should be legal. Any opinions or advice out there?
  5. lots of birds at cbbt small boat channel. Best of luck. Start trolling, got our limit today! No secret, lots of boats out there.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Glad your dad's day was saved. I have not checked this message out since I posted. Busy with the holiday thing. Went out today with some friends and got our limit in a couple of hours. The first hour was just waiting for the tide then they started hitting about the same time, 2:30 PM. In one hour we caught our limit. Tomorrow might be the same thing only calmer waters. Best of luck to ya.
  7. Surprised to not see any reports tonight for CBBT. Lots of birds and fish everywhere after 3 PM from small boat channel to Little Creek. Mostly 18 to small 20s but lots of fun.
  8. what kind of rig do u use if you are using live bait? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> just a cheap commercial flounder rig with a small inline sinker. Live salt water minnows ( I guess grudgeon), cut bait; squid strips, croaker strips. I'll be out there today. look for a 19' bayliner runabout with a cuddy cabin.
  9. Thanks, how about bait? Squid strips, salt water minnows what I've been using.
  10. I thought about that, using one of those cheap commercial rigs...maybe not staying on the bottom. How many ounces you recommend?
  11. What are you all using for flounder? I've tried squid strips, live grudgeon, even cut up some croaker with no luck. Tried the CBBT small boat channel, channel between 1st and 2nd island and a couple buoys in between Cape Henry and the CBBT...still no keepers. What am I doing wrong?
  12. Thanks for the replies. Without some expert advice, I'd never have business going out there. Greatly appreciated. Hope to see you out there.
  13. Want to know if it is safe to go out to the Chesapeake Light Tower with a 19 Ft Bayliner Cuddy. It can safely handle the Bay with 1-2 or 2-3 ft seas. Have Merc 135Hp stern, VHF, etc.. Noticed another thread on 18 ft bass boat got great response and wondered the same about the Bayliner. Also, what are the GPS coordinates? Appreciate your input.
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