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  1. What is the img Sounds like you had fun thanks
  2. Tidemill is the closest to york spit it just a straight shot right out from there once you put in.
  3. this is a good rig for cobia right u could just add a croaker hooked through the back
  4. wow seems like you got to get there early where were you headed to and what were you fishing for
  5. can you give a description of the setup of the rig you were using thanks
  6. proline131

    Deal on bottom paint!!

    is it the paint that somewhat protects the hull from saltwater damage
  7. proline131


    I deffinately think 3 is the best out of all of them
  8. proline131

    GPS covers

    I have a lowrance 5300 c with the 5 inch screen and was wondering where to get a cover for it. thanks in advance
  9. Tidemill has a pier where you can crab off of it is in yorktown by tabb high school it is also a boat landing
  10. proline131

    crab pot limit

    thanks ill have to get those pots and try to figure out the best spot to set them. if anybody has any recomendations please tell me thanks
  11. I am going cobia fishing this weekend and I would like to know how to set up a rig to catch them I have a chum bucket that I am going to put cut up croaker into and would also like to know if i should be drifting while chumming. if you have any links that tell about the rigging please tell me. I have heard about putting a live croaker on but do not know how to hook it or how to set it up. Thanks in advance.
  12. thanks for the info ill try to get out there some time