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  1. Fly fished Dam Neck Saturday 9/1 at sunrise, could see bird activity, but too far past break to put a fly there... TONS of dolphins playing just outside the breakers moving north.
  2. Conway Bowman is a guide out of San Diego, who takes folks fly fishing for Mako sharks (catch & release). I heard a great interview with him in the Ask About Fly Fishing Podcast, where he talks about a time he was fly fishing for big sharks like these from a kayak. He seemed to think it was a really dumb idea, and since he catches sharks for a living, I'll have to take his word for it... If you have a long drive coming up, or need something to listen to while you're working on your fishing gear around the house, check out the episode here: http://www.askaboutflyfishing.com/speakers/conway/conway.cfm
  3. Congrats! Were you drifting, anchored or using a drag/drift sock?
  4. I agree that it is a tough sell to go to the work of putting a boat in the water, with only hope of a single fish. We ran into the same problem when they introduced the 1 Canada Goose/day hunting limit. I'd rather see them keep the 2 fish limit, but close down 3 days per week - say monday, wed, fri you can't keep fish for the month of Dec. Granted most recreational fishermen are out there fri/sat/sun, so they trade a day of fishing for the chance to keep 2 fish. Makes the tirp more worthwhile.
  5. That would be 1 fish per day, beginning on Dec 1st, correct?
  6. Seems like less boats than usual the past couple of weeks up near the Susquehana. I'm guessing with the lack of rain lately the H2O temp is really high, and with no dam releases, that makes for difficult fishing along the shallows in august. Has anybody been out recently in the upper bay, or near the Susq Flats? How is the bite? Would appreciate a report. Thanks.

    whats the strangest thing you seen?

    Out with some guys fishing on the Delaware Bay a few years ago, we were all pretty hung over from the night before, mostly trying to let the sun bake some of the alcohol out of our systems. Despite the big deal we had made about placing bets for 'first fish', 'biggest fish', and 'most fish' nobody was paying much attention to their rods. So we were drifting bottom rigs for flounder when finally somebody's drag starts to hum. Barry revives from his stupor and starts fighting like he's got a 90lb tuna, and bragging about how he's winning everyone's beer money because he's the great angler, etc. Well we start heckling him about how his big fish sure isn't swimming too hard - the drag seems to pay out line at exactly the same rate as our drift, and never changing direction. But he swears he's gaining ground, and eventually we have to believe him. Sure enough, he gets his 'trophy fish' up to the boat, and turns out he's hooked and landed a 2 gallon bucket of mud and seawater. We heave it into the boat and have just about ribbed him to death when he shuts us up long enough to tell us "there's something in there, I KNOW I just saw bubbles, and I swear I saw something looking at me". We tell him it was probably the ghost of Captain Morgan, staring him back down from the bucket of the rum he emptied last night in Dewey, but he insists his bucket has something alive inside. He's just about to reach in, when the boat captain Uncle Jerry hands him the filet knife, suggesting Barry take on Captain Morgan with a sword instead of bare hands. So Barry sticks the knife into the bucket and with a firm snap, his hand shakes. He pulls the knife out of the bucket with an Oyster Cracker firmly attached to the business end. Rolling around on the boat laughing our heads off for the next few minutes pretty much cured everyone's hangover. Obviously we conceded the bet for first fish, and were happy to pay up at the bar. Even happier was Barry; not for winning the bet, but glad he had the sense to use the filet knife instead of losing a couple fingers to that wretched toadfish. We still get tons of laughs out of that trip, every now and then somebody will slip a bucket onto his barbecure grill, or joke him about renewing his bucket license.
  8. I'm headed down to Va Beach in a few days and staying on Dam Neck, can't wait to test out the waters and see if I can catch anything in the surf on the fly rod. Only staying a few days, running the half marathon, then heading down to Duck w/ the family...
  9. I've always loved blackened seafood (fish, scallops, shrimp). But I have a few questions and observations I thought I'd post here and get feedback from some of the experts on the forum. First - what seasoning do folks like? I saw Tom's post with his recipe, and copied that one down. I've tried several, and none are all that spectacular; but I definitely prefer the dry rubs to a marinade. Currently using Louisiana Blackened Fish Seasoning, and it is Ok. Also tried Paul P's, Chef Han, etc. Best one I've had is something I picked up at the Navy Commisary one time several years ago, wish I'd written down the name. Next - what do folks like to prep the fish? Typically I'll coat w/ butter or olive oil, to make the rub stick nicely, ensure a good sear, and to keep the fish from sticking as badly. Cookware - really heavy pan, really hot is my method. It stinks up the house for a good 2 days no matter how you ventilate, so I started using cast iron or my good Calphalon outside on the grill. Always get that Metallica song 'Blackened' stuck in my head when I first thow the food into the pan and it starts sizzling away -- '...blackened is the end...' Cooking - Typically 2-4 min per side, and flip. I tend to drip a little fresh lemon juice on the fish if it starts to dry out too much, but usually not needed. Serving - my favorite restaurant in VB used to serve up a blackened piece of fresh fish over top a mound of garlic smashed potatoes, topped w/ crawfish etouffe. Wow, that was one of my favorite seafood dishes of all times. Also had several versions served on redbeans & rice (or black beans). sometimes I'll put a sweet salsa with it (maybe make up a pineapple or mango salsa - whatever is fresh at the store). Love a little fresh lime or lemon on top, maybe make a sandwich, etc. not a big fan of cream sauces for blackened food, mellows out the flavor instead of contrasting it... Other ideas - great way to prepare chicken breast or pork chops as well. When I was bartending in college, our chef convinced me to try blackened filet mingon - now one of my absolute favorites is to blacken a really good thick steak... Finally, chicken wings pieces on the grill absolutely rock (throw them on frozen to keep moist), blackened seasoning is awesome on them, but don't add until they're 2/3 cooked. And of course you need a couple good beers to serve with it... cheers.
  10. VTSEAL

    weather reports

    Wow, that fishweather site is impressive, thank you! Here's a quick & easy tidal chart for Maryland: http://www.dnr.state.md.us/fisheries/access/tide_finder.html One thing I like is they have a link to a graphical reference that shows you the reference stations on a chart so you don't have to guess.
  11. VTSEAL

    Deer Fishing

    Hey - you could have kept him. I think if he is over 28", then the creel limit is 2 per day on a handline!
  12. Ugghh. Kind of disappointing no posts in the fly fishing forum here... Best story of the summer so far is casting to 18" to 40" tarpon & snook cruising the trough about 10' off dry sand, last week in FL. Great sight casting, exciting seeing fish that big right next to the beach.
  13. Hello all - First post on the forum. Used to live in VA Beach for several years while I was stationed there but sadly moved away. The good news is that since I moved, I have taken up both kayaking and fly fishing... So we're taking vacation to VB this week, joining up with some friends and we're planning to get in some fly fishing. We'll try the surf some of course, especially if the blues are hitting, but really want to go for a paddle back in Lynnhaven Bay and Broad Bay and try some fishing in the estuary. Can anybody share any advice in the way of fishing report or technique pointers? Are redfish back in this area right now, or should we be expecting something else? Any specific sections more likely to produce fish or have easy access to throw in a sea kayak? Best to work the reeds or the channels in there? What flies are effective in the reeds this time of year? Any help or advice would be appreciated! Thanks!