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  1. novafisherman703


    It is really hard to mistake a pit viper for a colubrid even without suicidal acts. If you are unsure, then it was probably a northern water snake.
  2. novafisherman703

    any luck @ NOB?

    As far as the pier goes, they cruise in the dark up and down the pier when they're there. Thanks for the replies.
  3. Anyone been out at NOB catching striper? In the past, NOB used to my favorite spot this time of year. But, now that I can't get on base on my own, I need to make sure it is worth it before snag a ride.
  4. novafisherman703

    I thought this was odd...

    No not yet. I've been catching mostly crappie, which I think is normal since they are in pre-spawn right now. I'm catching them in ~2' of water. I wish I had taken a pic of the bass that sparked me to make this thread.
  5. novafisherman703

    I thought this was odd...

    They were definitely not rock bass. Oh and I definitely would not swim there. I used to wade there but after yesterday, I will not again. I pulled out a turtle from the lake and it must have had over 100 leaches on it, tucked under the legs and tail. I pulled off 65-75 before giving up. It was nuts.
  6. novafisherman703

    I thought this was odd...

    I caught a couple a more bass today. These two were very light colored LMB with normal eyes. It seems not all have the orange eyes. The first I caught on a crawdad colored rattle trap and the other on a chartreuse spinnerbait.
  7. novafisherman703

    I thought this was odd...

    It looked like a Largemouth with orange eyes. I know it wasn't a smallmouth. It could be a red-eye or I read somewhere that spotted bass have orange eyes around spawning time. I'll try to catch one today and take a picture.
  8. novafisherman703

    I thought this was odd...

    Every Bass I've caught at Lake Pleasure House has had orange eyes. I've almost always took a second look but after catching one today, I figured I'd ask about it. Is there anything special about these orange eyed bass?
  9. novafisherman703

    Testing water

    Can anyone fish there without keeping hassled? I love fishing complex ponds since a lot of those bass seem to bite anything.
  10. The fish was between right between 17.5 and 18. So, I wasn't worried about getting ticketed. I left because I don't carry a cooler with me. I had to toss the fish in my trunk and go. I live 5 min down the road at chicks beach so if I catch a nice fish, I just head out. I pack really light when I'm out there. I just bring a small shoulder tackle box and a single road for casting lures.
  11. I fished lesner bridge from 9:10pm to 9:40pm tonight on the bottom of the out-going tide. I caught 10 small specs and then I hooked something which felt much bigger. I thought I got my first striper of the season until I got it close to me in the water (I was in up to my knees) and realized to my surprised it was a flounder. I measured it a just over 17.5" and called it a night. It will almost definitely be my last until next spring. He's on ice for the night for tomorrows dinner.
  12. When I fish near the bridge I am fishing between the power line pole and the bridge and there are no hang ups in there. The other side of the pole however has lost me quite a bit so I avoid it. How far away from the bridge do you fish?

  13. Norvafisherman I fish a little off the bridge and have caight many spike specks never tried close to the bridge. Seems like to many hang ups for me but I like where I fish.

  14. novafisherman703

    Lesner Bridge Night Report

    Yeah that was my experience for sure. I forgot to mention I caught a short flounder at 13". I heading back out there tonight fishing near the bridge.

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