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  1. I use a lead cannon ball off the downrigger...I have a release clip hooked to the downrigger ball that I put the braided line in when I drop it down..I first run my lure back to the distance I want before clipping into the release clip then I send it down to my desired depth. Braided line works best as it has less drag...just hook your leader into the swivel tied to the braid. This set up works for me..Dale
  2. After last weekends canceled trip due to the wind machine...we took my nephew offshore one last time, along with his dad (my brother) Greg and Dad. We were in search of Tuna so we headed to the Parking lot and tried our luck there without a sniff. The young lad decided that we should run to. Sams Hill and try our luck...so with a little kidding..we did and, again, not a sniff. We then trolled our way over to fleet that was chunking at the Lumpy Bottom spent some time there as well with a few marks down deep but could not raise them into the spread, which I belive was due to the amount of boats. Trolled over to the crotch without a sniff..marked a few fish down again so I deployed the downrigger and managed to pull a Wahoo for the kid. That was it for the day and most boats had nothing. Boats in the canyons had Marlin. Dale
  3. Dad and I made a promise to my nephew (11 yr old) that we would take him offshore when we could get a decent weather break, as well as the boat being free without a charter.We decided Thursday was gonna be my only chance and the weather was not exactly on our side...quite sporty conditions. We made way to the Lumpy bottom area and picked up his first offshore fish, a small Mahi. Second fish was a Fat Albert. We fished there for awhile and decided to troll off towards the Washington, a few miles west of the Canyon (30fthm line) we went to work on some 40lb Yellowfin...we boated 2. Just before we decided to start heading in we boated another Mahi and another Fat Albert. Great fishing and a very happy kid.
  4. Twokeys

    fishermans paradise house for sale

    priced to sell...219,000.
  5. In case any of you anglers are in the market for a fishermans paradise, I have posted our home on this site. We are moving up to our farm in Onancock,Va. Since we have moved the boat to Wachapreague it keeps us close to the boat. If anyone is interested the oyster home is on the harbor with boat ramps, county dock,7 miles to ocean front, biggest corner lot in town. make me an offer. Dale http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIgRMr81k_Q&feature=player_detailpage
  6. Twokeys

    Bob on Still Think'n

    Wishing you well from the crew of Two Keys.
  7. Hello, Just a quick report for Two Keys...Left Wachapreague marina at 10am and headed to the "G" buoys...picked a small Mahi and lost a big Gaffer to the running gear. Made a move to the Norfolk and made a pass on the north wall without a touch...headed east to the 100 fathom line and turned the egg north....after listening to the radio and most guys had nothing to talk about we decided to pick up and run to the Washington...dropped lines in and 15 minutes later got our first release of the year on a white. Tons of like there pilot whales, hammerheads but no tuna. Set up for the night and had sharks. Thick fog rolled in after Midnight which made it quite interesting with the ship traffic...had to move one time to play it safe. Trolled into the lumpy bottom area and worked a weed line to box some nice Mahi... nice trip..190 miles of fishing and running. Dale
  8. Hell Yeah Bob...tip my hat to you and your crew. Dale
  9. When ya dont have the pressure and anxiety of catching fish for clients...you can sit back and enjoy the water and sounds of the motor and if you do happen to catch something, well, thats and added bonus. This time of year we talk about the many laughs and tears that were shared in the cockpit, or the night we battled a big eye for 4 hours in the dark, the trips where half the crew were seasick (and blamed it on my calzone that I ate in front of them for dinner)or the trip when my buddy missed the mahi with the gaff that was all of 50lbs, of the trips when the whites would eat anything you pulled.So, now this event will give Dad And I more to talk about...and I have already mentioned to him that if I were there, we may heve been cleaning tuna.Haha. These are the times that make fishing memorable and above all..PRICELESS!!!! Dale
  10. I got a case of cabin fever,now that deer season is past, so I decided to give the shamrock a day at sea.Trolled off Smith Isl. on Friday with a friend Bill Nieman after watchin heavy bird work between the bridge tunnel and Cape Henry light house without a single pull. We then moved out in front of the hi rises working our way north. Sittin inside the pilot house due to how nasty and cold it got, not paying attention to the rigs. When we went to pick em up after about an hours troll and found one of the Internationals cleaned off of 80 lb line and a tandem rig of a parachute and mo jo. Two deaf dummies never heard the line run off or nothing. Had to be tuna the way I had the drags set. Makes ya wanna go right back. Capt Charles
  11. Hey Bob....way to go...all those sea witches do their job. Dale
  12. Twokeys


    I'm with you Bob...I am worried about this one....extra dock lines and bumpers is the best we can do...Dam!