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  1. Great report Gman! Sounds like a fun day to me. Ryan
  2. drawinout

    CONGRATS to Beth

    You have mail Beth. I'm so tired I can't stand it right now!lol Too much swimming!=) And Imma be in the water all day again today. It's all in the email.lol Anyway, let me know if you and your husband need another fisherman some time. Bout to try and take a nap before this class starts and 9. Ryan
  3. drawinout

    CONGRATS to Beth

    I think your box is full Beth. Drop me a Bmail when ya clear it out, and I'll get back to you. Everything's good on my end. Hope everything's good with you and yours. Congrats again on the Master Angler award!!=)
  4. drawinout

    CONGRATS to Beth

    Nice work Beth!
  5. drawinout

    405.2lb yft

    =0That's a big yellowfin!=0
  6. Great work Beth!!! That's a nice flounder! Looks like a fun trip!!!
  7. Freakin AWESOME Andrew!!!!! Bet that thing was a bear to pull in from the surf! Guess that made you feel a whole lot better after what happened the day before. Guess the fish gods thought you deserved it. Gotta love it when a once in a lifetime opportunity turns into a twice in one weekend opportunity..... Great Work! Ryan
  8. You'll get them next time. Still looks like fun to me!
  9. Wish I could get out there. Great work guys!
  10. drawinout

    Happy birhthday, AndrewK

    Happy Birthday Andrew!