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  1. RickyF

    Dolphin corraling red drum

    I lived in Charleston for 40 years. We used to watch them corral mullet and chase them up on a mud flat and then come all the way out of the water onto the mud to get them. Amazing animals!
  2. RickyF

    Tree hugger, and an anti-hunter

    :jumping-smiley-008:Now that's funny!!
  3. I have not heard of much being caught at the tower itself, but the nearby tower reef has seen some catches of togs.
  4. Welcome to the board! There are several on here that do a lot of surf fishing that i am sure will chime in.
  5. RickyF

    Finally, a new boat !!

    Sounds great!! Where are the pictures?? I need to drool! LOL
  6. RickyF

    From the Islands!

    Oh, i can't wait to read this one!!
  7. David, Welcome to the board. There is a lot of really good people on here. I believe that you have to be a paid subscriber to post pictures. Hope to hear about your fishing adventures!!
  8. RickyF

    Tidewater Boaters Coop

    Thanks Tony!! I kind of suspected that.
  9. RickyF

    Tidewater Boaters Coop

    Just curious if anyone knows if they are going to reopen. It has been a while since they said they were moving?
  10. RickyF

    Heading Back to Va

    Welcome back!!
  11. For just a little more, you can get a new Mako. I have a JBL 38 Special that I use to shoot around the CBBT islands where the viz is usually around 5'.
  12. A lot will depend on personal preference. For the triangles, I normally shoot a 70-80 CM euro gun. It handles pretty much everything I want to shoot. Finding a used gun can be difficult. Check out www.makospearguns.com :jumping-smiley-008:Nice inexpensive guns and a really great guy!!