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  1. George Poveromo is a great sportsmen. He set's a high standard for all fishermen to follow. Thank you George for bringing your show to our area. Hopefully it will bring some new customers to our area as our tackle shops, charters, hotels, and other places of business can sure use the air time to promote thier services. I also want to apologize for the "poor sportsmen" antics of the few fishermen who tried to ruin your show as I read about on another fishing forum. Some people like to think they own a particular fishing spot and try to hog that spot but don't understand the rules. A boat at anchor (not under power) has right of way (other boats must go around) unless anchored in a channel. I can't believe someone "drifting" would try to lay claim to any particular bridge piling or open water spot or imply others may not anchor there boat because they "own" the piling. Some people just never grow up. Agan good job out there George and I am looking forward to seeing your show.
  2. Nice pictures. Good looking fish. Looks like a bunch of motivated fishermen especially the guys wading the shore.
  3. Nice Trout... I gotta get back out there. The pictures are fantastic.
  4. Did that make you feel better Mega Bite? Didn't know it was a S E C R E T. Ok VBSF guys I didn't say anything different then I said here on my post. The guys who ran the tournament did a great job! and I said any guys who crossed the line...well....you guys here have already said it!!
  5. Good stuff Tony. I have read this thread it appears all the tournament guys did a great job at putting it together and doing the best they could to ensure a fair tournament for all participants. In saying that I also think the guys who came forward to report the offenders deserve a lot of credit. They put thier (good)names on the line not just for themselves but for everyone participating. It's not always possible to provide hard evidence in situations like that. It also takes courage to come forward knowing that some people would resent them for doing so. What should they have done? Kept quiet? No, I think they did it right! At least they made people aware there was a problem. Now everyone should work together to find a solution. Makes no sense to me to point fingers. Work together, find a solution. I think since there is a limited amount of money to incorporate further safe guards (sealed gps, more spotter boats)you should limit the fishing area to within the Virginia line (someone else said that I think). Don't be so quick to expand until this tournament grows a little more. Incidents like this will only suppress further participation. Nip it in the bud now! As far as polygraphs go they are only a safeguard not solid fact. Even if they were many people don't believe in them. And if they don't believe in them and hear rumors about cheating they won't participate. And the tournament will not be sucessful as there will always be that doubt! Thats my two cents....thanks for reading...agan the tournament guys did a great job!
  6. You would be better off putting in at owls creek if you have a slip at rudee inlet......just around the corner....
  7. At least we can see the bridge in the background so we know you were not "poaching rockfish" past the 3 mile zone!
  8. Sorry I have to disagree with that pop. I'm a vet and I risked my life too at one time. The reason I say only to Active duty members is not because they risk thier lives to protect us but because they have "current hardships" today because they are currently protecting us and have no say over where they live or go. The rest of us including law enforcement choose where to live or go and can quit if they don't like thier current situation. There are alot of people who risk thier lives for others each day. Heck, the VEPCO guy who restores your power during a hurricane or snowstorm risks his life (that's just one example - there are many others). Sorry, I would draw the line at Active Duty members only.
  9. All Active Military should always be allowed to Free Acess and parking at all facilities and also get FREE Fishing and Hunting licenses in the state they are assigned to.
  10. You are quite correct RickyF. There is no such thing as a free ramp at owls creek. We all pay for it with our tax money. Va Beach makes plenty off the ramp at owls creek. Besides it also brings in tourist business to the area which is taxed as well. The ramp at Lesner would have no fee if it wasn't for Bubbas complaining about the competition. Nope there is no Free ramp at owls creek. Just does not have a sur-charge. Out of state boats should have to use the over flow parking like they do in some ramps in Maryland to out of state boaters. Now thats PRICELESS.
  11. Marlin Maniac, The internet link you are using is Bogus... when I click it all I get is this :This domain is parked, pending renewal, or has expired. Please contact the domain provider with questions. No fishing site just an advertisement????????
  12. Actually many people have been questioning citation reports on those dates. Not the actual citations but the locations!! No trolling intended just repeating what I have observed!
  13. Perhaps I am confused. Thanks for the useful information. If everyone were more honest perhaps there would not be so much BS going on. I don't really care if people fish over the line. What I hate is the one's who do fish over the line and than brag or show pictures and say they caught them at cape henry or right outside rudy inlet.
  14. Wow!! Nice report and good advice... Thank you..