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  1. Lee,

    The weather does not look good for this weekend. I have heard of some striper reports in the lower bay around the CCNPP but the water temps are still low.


  2. Okay so here's the deal, i've owned a little 17' bass boat, and a 24 foot sea ray cabin cruiser with a flybridge. The bass boat was great until i took it into the bay and it couldn't handle the waves. The cabin cruiser was great until you got 2-3 foot swells in the bay (washing machine) and it was top heavy and couldn't handle it. I FISH a lot and fish hard. I'm trying to figure out what type of boat to get for fishing. Here's how i fish, i troll, bottom fish, and chase schools. Now i know i'm going to get a response saying a perfect boat is each persons decision. Well i'm just fishing for ideas here. I read that the best way to find out what kind of boat you will want to have is to go fishing on each type (center console, dual console, w/a, pilot house) Those are the 4 that i'm looking at. I'm not so much concerned about family being on the boat, i'm single no kids. I just like to fish, what i am concerned about is i like to anchor out and sleep on the boat so i don't have to pay for a hotel room (cheap). But i'm also concerned with the w/a and pilot house because there is absolutely no access to fish off the front of the boat. I guess what i'm getting at is: has anyone else had this dilemma when choosing thier boat? If so, how did you go about figuring out which one was right for you? What are the pro's and con's of the boats? I'm looking for something that is a good all around fishing boat, and we all know what the bay is like...i'd also like to be able to trailer it and take it offshore to fish occasionally. Hope this isn't too much to ask!
  3. Thanks for the info, unfortunately i dont want to just throw away the money i paid for the tournament..... so we'll be fishing, i've got a 24 ft boat so i should be alright...beat up but alright. The forcast says 1-3 so who know's what it's really gona be and they are never right when forcasting wind speeds around the water so i'm gona hope for the best! Thanks, lee C
  4. All, Thanks for the info it was extremely helpful! Now let me see if i'm getting this right. Again i'm going to use this weekends forcast for the middle bay up in the maryland waters. Forcast states on sat. W winds 15-20knots with 2-3ft waves. Now with a west wind blowing over land and not water that should calm the waves down to around 1-2ft correct? If i'm understanding this atleast because it's not blowing directly over the water to whip up the waves. Also, one thing i don't get is if the tide is moving north and south how does a w. wind effect the waves due to tide change? On another note, it's gona rain A LOT! over the next couple days. I'm thinking that the abundance of freshwater in the bay will push the striper into deeper water or deeper in the water column. What do ya'll think they will do? Thanks! Lee C
  5. Kaska60

    Interested in the Frostbite Challenge

    Don, I'm sure ya'll will, everyone on this forum is extremely helpful! I'll make sure to let ya'll know when i've posted pictures from this coming up weekend's fishing tournament up in maryland. It's the MSSA fall tourney. and hopefully i'll get to freeze my but off for some january pullage! Lee
  6. Thanks, are they good at estimating what it will be like for this weekend? Thanks! Lee C
  7. All, I'm interested in fishing the frostbite challenge but i don't want to haul my boat almost 4 hours down to fish the tourney. If anyone has any open spots on their boat i'd love to join in, i'd pitch in on the tournament fee, and gas. I have a ton of striper tackle, rods, mojo's, umbrella's and so forth because i fish the upper chesapeake bay. Send me a PM if you have a spot open and are looking for another. Thanks, Lee
  8. Kaska60

    Need some Feedback

    I think you need to change one of the flags if your going to keep them. Two of the same i dont think is a good idea, maybe throw in a marlin flag??? Other than that the artwork is GREAT, let us know if your going to put them on a shirt i'll def get one from you! Lee
  9. I have a couple questions that i'm trying to figure out so that i can estimate the waves in the bay when i'm out there. I'm sure this question when answered will help out quite a few people. First, what are some weather sites that you all trust? I've used NOAA a lot but they seem to conflict with other sites. For example they are saying 15-20 knot winds this weekend but others are saying 5-10 knot winds in the bay. (this is north of the potomac, just an example) I understand that where a river enters the bay it is usually rougher than the rest of the bay and that it's rough at pinch spots and so forth. What wind direction is good and what is bad and how do i know if they are good or bad when the tide is moving in and out? I'm really confused when dealing with east and west winds because the tide moves north and south mostly right? Thanks in advance for the help!!! Lee
  10. I'm looking for one more person (prefferably someone who know's what they are doing) to troll the chesapeake bay for the MSSA fall rockfish tourney. The tourney is november 15th and 16th sat and sun. If anyone is interested let me know and i can give you more info. I'll be launching out of Solomons, MD. Lee
  11. Yeah, i got a crew togather there will be 6 of us and the girlfriend there. We're launching out of reedville, va and headin north on the bay. We're planing on hangin around the mouth of the potomac (we'll see how rough that is) and heading up the channel probably up to HI light. From what i've been reading we're probably going to pull 75% umbrella rigs. And maybe a stretch or something. All of the hits seem to be on the umbrella rigs. Lee
  12. A buddy of mine who's been fishing the lower portion of the maryland waters right near the VA line and south of it said the smallest fish he caught was a 42 and his largest was a 61 inch fish! He was out friday sat and sun of last week. He trolled umbrellas and that's it. I hope it's that easy! He's going to be out there again this weekend probably a bit north of the va line so if he's hittin good he's going to let us know. I can give you a shout if i hear anything. (only after i catch the winner Lee
  13. impulsefishing... Where are you launching for the mssa spring tourney? I'm launching i think at coles point? near reedville. We'll probably start the day friday trolling the mouth of the potomac and then work our way to the channel and a couple other points i have marked down. I'll be out there in a 24ft sea ray the name on the back says CINDER. I dont like the name but it's bad luck to change your boat name from what i hear. I think we'll start with 8 lines out and go from there. What weather site do you use? What i'm seeing from NOAA and weather underground its gona be 2-3 foot waves friday sat and sun. Hopefully less because that gets old pretty quick! Kaska60
  14. Did you use planer boards? We're most of your fish in the top 25' of the water column? Kaska60

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