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    Many records of citation size species is many, fish caught from CT-FL. I have lived in CT/FL/VA and have traveled to over 38 countries, and if you have the opportunity to fish you fish. Recipient of 2002 Speckled Trout State of Virginia "Most Release" Citations.
  1. Same set up as 2012-3 season warm water through Jan 15 lead to a fantastic year, caught BF 600 yards off the beach trolling stretches.
  2. fish on

    Does anybody know what this is???

    Very fancy (expensive) sabikki rod
  3. fish on

    Third shark discovered in Va., N.C. waters

    You know I get the hard paper, and find it a little unsettling that Virginia Pilot on Line forces me to either purchase their newspaper on line when you attach the blog to your web page. If you guys want that OK, but I and everyone else I am sure who dose not have a subscription to POL is pretty tired of this manipulation.
  4. Anywhere north of 36th street along the beach until you reach the end of straight line beach where it turns west at Cape Henry 89th street. You can not drive any motorized vehicles on the beach in Va Beach, unless during an authorized event sanctioned by an organization.
  5. Spent a couple of hours surf fishing up at the north end and was pleasantly surprised by the number(s) of Osprey and American Bald Eagles working the backside of the breaking waves. I counted at least 11 Ospreys within a 2,000 yard radius of my vantage point, and at one point at least 3 juvenile and 2 adult Bald Eagles were working the same waters along with the Osprey. It was quite a spectacle, and by the way I managed 1 Whiting (Sea Mullet) about 15 inches which I used the head in hopes of a Drum, but ended up with a Skate instead. Bait for the Whiting was Fishbite Bloodworm, and was also soaking some EZ Clam and Sand Flea but no joy on them. Not a bad beginning to the season for my first day on the sand anyway.
  6. Good sign this news report about Portuguese Man of Wars (Jellyfish) washing up along the beach in NC. Shows the warmer waters are definitely pushing up against the coastline to our south which means it will be here this week as well. Fishing for Black and Red Drum should turn on this week, Flounder will be here soon as well.
  7. Anytime once the sea water temps reach above 68-72 or better. I believe the water temp down south had a strong "bubble" of 70-75 degree water push in late last week from the gulf stream. Same water pushed inland helped with the big tuna running closer to shore as well.
  8. I get pretty sick and tired of hearing the blame for reduction of species of game fish being put on us "Sport" fisherman and woman when the true culprits are in fact the poachers, and commercial folks who reduce our stocks 10 fold from what us the "SPort" fisherman take from our waters. Stop the finger pointing!
  9. Thanks for your dedication and service Plucmaster, May is 2 quarters and dime away.
  10. Thank you, the Speckled Trout population has been affected very adversely because of folks who POACH game fish species.
  11. Contact VRMC and provide them with whatever information you can provide to them Boat, Number, Height... I can not go into details with you, but these are guys who the VRMC has been tracking for "years" fell off the radar and I am sure they would like your information.
  12. Welcome to the board, Sandbridge closes this time of year at sunset I believe (6years since I have fished the pier in winter time there), Sea Gull pier on the CBBT is open 24 hours 365, and the other piers in the area are closed as well I believe. I fish the beach now and then during the winter months, and will be doing some this week I believe since the winds want to cooperate. Send me a message if you feel like trying the beach. Tight Lines
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    Just wishing all of the wonderful folks who have submitted terrific topic lines, how to instructions, and just have been in general honest throughout this past year a heart felt HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. Tight Lines!
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    Appreciate that, you too!
  15. Just wishing all of my fellow VBSF buddies a happy and merry Christmas.