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  1. Hands on education sticks better than anything out there, plus outsiders tend to spark an interest. I posted years ago about my wifes class hatching, raising and releasing brook trout. The great number of parents that didn't appear to get outdoors much came for the release of the trout in a local stream. Thanks for sharing this.
  2. We were able to get of OI Tues morning to pull on the aj's and throw a few triggers and spades on ice. The bsb were all on the small side. Ran out @32 with the SW on our back and the return home @14. Some of the action having fun with family and friends.
  3. I was down a couple weeks ago and everything was good. Most big boats were one span south at the bridge.
  4. Good for you on getting out and congrats to the little guy for hanging in there, you've got many years to enjoy ahead of you. Summer fishing is warming up.
  5. The forecast was not to be for a family trip for a chance at mahi so we stayed in close looking for some pullage from the wrecks. BSB opens back up on Sunday so it goes to figure that we'd find them thick. Ended up covering some water out to 18miles off the beach in the next to waveless light wind chop seas looking for a spot with out them. Futher we went the bigger they got. Nolan even broke out the light tackle and used chunks of recycled gulp alive bodies without tails leftover from catching trout (lots of 20" trout around Pirates Cove if anyone is down there).
  6. At Pirates Cove now... winds are coming around. We've caught limits of trout two days around 20". Looking to get out to a wreck tomorrow and mabe peek out for mahi Saturday. Then the winds are cranking back up next week. Hopefully you will get a chance when your week comes around.
  7. Hoping things will lay down. Heading down 16th-20th with hopes of getting out then. Fish are there, just need the weather to get a little better for the small boats.
  8. Nice job getting out there and bringing back a report. I feel your pain on not getting out, probably June before I see any salt. Don't want to steal your thunder on a great day... but was on FB reading where one of my buddy's scored out of OI today, over @400#, under @200#, 2 wahoo and a YFT not sure how many BFT they released.
  9. Always enjoy reading your bottom reports (pics!). Seems you tend to do pretty well when you get out. Thx
  10. I was invited for a short trip but couldn't make it. My buddy and his son fished from 3 in the afternoon until dark throwing berkley gulps landing 30 from 19" - 28" up the James near the ghost fleet. Hoping to be giving it a try later.
  11. Thanks guys, it was a good year to be on the guys trip. Yes KD, the boys are growing. Good thing they pull their own weight when it comes to keeping meat in the freezer. The day before we departed for our trip was youthday for deer in VA. Not sure VDGIF had them in mind when they opened the early day for youth. That Saturday morning had Nolan taking a deer @7:03, Ewing took one @7:05 and again @7:06 and Wyatt pitched in shortly after 8:00. The freezer is now in fine shape with a good collection of fish and a shelf or two of venison... Oh, Nolan dropped a 32# doe with his bow this week that never made it past the grill. They can now catch, clean and cook a pretty mean dish.
  12. Good to see Bob is back to bloodying up the decks from the deep. Great report of some unreal wahoo action. Love the fly by... a few weeks back we witnessed a large cargo in tow off NC that had a jet fly by and then swarmed by four military helicopters that had him do a 180 and head back to VA. We didn't get close as we were not sure of what we were watching unfold. Thanks again for the report!!!
  13. Thats a solid meat haul!!! They seem to be stacked up this year off VA and the northern NC coast. Glad you found them.
  14. I've been fishing for years with a great group of guys that head to OBX each October with fingers crossed hoping for just one chance to get out to the stream and others for a day on the water. On past trips we would slowly show up over a four to six hour period in Pirates Cove, this year was different. Some how our party of nine with four boats in tow rolled into the WAWA just outside NC bypassing the toll in a span of about three minutes as if it were planned. The mood was... will lets just say we were ready for that first of the trip ice cold beers. Once arriving to PC we splashed the boats, situated our gear and began preparing for a day of offshore. Yes, this years trip was going to start with 5-10kt winds and 2' seas. Started to do a full report but decided to just post the pic/video I put together from the different cameras of the week. You will notice FLAT STEVE in a few, we missed his presence and look foward to him rejoining us next October. We had an amazing trip included great company, outstanding cooked by the guys dinners, beautiful weather and solid fishing over the week from our mini-fleet of four short boats! So crank up the volumn and enjoy.
  15. Used a 1/32oz marabou jig on 4# line using an ultralight rod. Like I said, they use small gear and catch a ton of small fish.
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